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Happy Monday Morning! Did you catch me on TV last week?? My friend Mireya from Fox25 News did a story on clothing rental companies and asked to interview me (along with Ashley from Sass & Satin) to get my thoughts. The full story aired Thursday at 5 pm - you can view it here.

I did a lot of research for this piece and I wanted to share all the details so you can know which companies are worth your time. Mireya asked me to look into Rent The Runway, Le Tote, Parcel 22 and The Ms. Collection. Some of them I really liked and would use myself, others....not so much. There are also some pretty cool jewelry rental companies on the market right now like Rocksbox or Switch that deserve some recognition, as well!

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Rent The Runway
Probs my favorite company out of all the ones I looked at. I really liked that you could pick your own items and order them whenever you wanted (it had the option to be a monthly membership, but didn't have to be). They also offer super fast shipping, which sometimes is necessary, and they include free backup sizes! What I reeeeally loved, was the wide variety of styles and prices - everything from Free People to Vera Wang. I picked a few favorite affordable options below for reference! Since I typically only wear statement pieces a few times anyway, I think using Rent The Runway could be a way to save money on the current season's pieces. It is perfect for special events, Christmas card photos, holiday parties....or just every day wear!

Le Tote
After taking a style quiz and signing up for a monthly membership, Le Tote will create a tote especially for you and your style needs. You can view the tote before it ships and change anything you don't like. I personally enjoy picking out my own clothes, so I wouldn't use this service myself, BUT I think it would be great for those who don't enjoy shopping or struggle to branch out with new styles. Le Tote lets you swap out totes as often as you like (all for same monthly price, which I thought was neat) and allows you to purchase any of the items. After browsing their site, I'd say their clothes are more for everyday work or casual wear, as opposed to special occasions.

Parcel 22
Parcel 22 is very similar to Le Tote but aimed toward a younger crowd. They too require a style quiz and allow you to approve your parcel before it ships. Each parcel includes three garments and and two accessories that you can keep as long as you like (and buy for up to 50% off). Once you're done, ship it back to receive more. You can swap out as many parcels as you like for one monthly fee. I'd say their clothes are very fun, flirty and trendy and aimed towards college-age to twenty-somethings.

The Ms. Collection
This company was definitely my least favorite.....that being said, it might be a great option for some of you! After a style quiz and the purchase of a monthly plan, The Ms. Collection sends you a surprise package. You do not have the option to approve the items before they ship - which I hate!! Being obsessed with clothes and fashion, I like picking out my own clothes.....any of my family members can tell you that after looking at my very, very detailed Christmas Wish Lists, haha! However, I think The Ms. Collection could be great for anyone who struggles with picking out clothes for themselves or who needs an extra push to branch out and try new styles. If you don't like shopping or don't have the time to browse, this could be a great company to try. They don't allow you to browse their styles, though, so I can't tell you what type of clothes they offer.

I haven't personally used Rocksbox, but I know friends that have! They offer trendy jewelry from designers like Kate Spade or Kendra Scott. For $21 a month, they send you a surprise box with three jewelry pieces inside, picked for you based on your style and quiz answers. You can wear them as much as you want and send them back when you're ready OR buy one if you really love it!

I started using Switch about a month ago and LOVE it so far! For only $30 a month you can pick a piece of timeless designer jewelry and keep it as long as you want. When you're ready to switch, just pick a new piece and swap it out. For more money/month, you can order more pieces at the same time. They offer David Yurman (swoon), Channel (double swoon), Hermes and tons more.

Use code: MartinAmanda22J when you sign up!

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Have you ever used any of these companies? Are there any others that you would suggest? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Have a great week!

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