Brunch at The Drake

Last Sunday, C and I celebrated our "brunchiversary" at The Drake. We'd been there for dinner a few times, but never for brunch, and man oh man, it did not disappoint.

We literally spent weeks months stressing over where to eat our celebratory meal at. Last year, we were little disappointed in our choice; obvi we couldn't let that happen again..... I tweeted @KeepItLocalOK, we asked friends, we creeped on restaurant's Instagrams and read through many-a-menu. I wanted something slightly upscale since it was a special occasion. Being relatively healthy/fit people, it's rare that we treat ourselves to a big meal, so when we do, it has to be worth it! We finally settled on The Drake and I am so glad we did. It is probably now tied with Stella for our favorite brunch place in Oklahoma City.

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The meal started off with coffee, a cucumber mimosa and a bloody jerry. 

Then, throw in a basket of house made biscuits (OMG) with orange marmalade and some fresh oysters.

Next up, the main course. Fried Oyster Benedict for Cole and the Chorizo-Pimento Cheese Sandy for me. And a side of bacon to split. #nomnom

First and foremost, let me just say that these biscuits were the most dense and delicious buttery masterpieces I've ever tasted. Like your grandma's homemade buttermilk biscuits and then some. I would have been perfectly content eating them alone and nothing else. The mimosa was also fantastic - the cucumber made it light and refreshing and contrasted the sweet champagne perfectly. It tasted almost like a regular mimosa, but with a more fresh twist to it.

C's Fried Oyster Benedict was by far the best thing we ordered. Maybe the best benedict we've ever had? And we've had a lot of benedicts...... so that's saying a lot. My chorizo sandwich was tasty but a little over-powering, so it might be too heavy for some. The cheesy grits on the side though -- that's where it's at! Also, let me just point out that their bacon is the perfect mix of sweet and smokey and is cooked to perfection.

Needless to say, if you haven't had The Drake's brunch, you're missing out on life. We will definitely be back soon because there's so much on the menu that I'm dying to try like the Salmon Toast (and also, more biscuits). 

What are your favorite brunch spots in OKC and beyond? I'm always looking for new places to try and would love to hear your suggestions.

Hope you have a phenomenal weekend, ya'll! What's on your agenda?? I'm walking in a Flag Day parade with @Chloe_and_Kylo tomorrow and taking a brush lettering class on Sunday at The Black Scintilla. I couldn't be more excited about both! 

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