Orange is the new black.

25 days until OSU football season. It rivals Christmas morning for those of us who call ourselves Cowboys.

25 days until my weekends will be booked with trips to Stillwater, dirty curdies will become a staple in my diet, trips to Quench Buds for pickles and a 32 ou. Barbie will become much more frequent and the magical sound of "ORANGE"...."POWER" will echo out of Boone Pickens Stadium. 

25 days until the we jingle our keys, lose our voices, yell "Here comes Bullet!" and join the crowd in the waving wheat.

25 days until it all begins.....


I am. I spent tax free weekend in Stillwater and my closet is now even more full of Pantone 166. I have several game day outfits already planned out, head to toe. Its glorious, I tell you...unless you look at the current status of my bank account. The only bad part about a weekend in Stillwater (besides Quench Buds being closed on Sunday, of course)? It made me that much more anxious for football season to commence.... Maybe my tall drink of water and I will finally make it on the kiss cam this year....just maybe!

When I was an student, I often found myself gravitating towards the black unis, the black shirts, the black sweats.....why? I have no idea. Now? Gimme that orange. I spent a large chunk of my Saturday searching for a black or grey top to wear with a pair of newly purchased orange jean shorts. Lemme tell ya, it was hard! Like any good alum, orange is my favorite color. I want orange everything. Orange is the new black, and I'm perfectly OK with it.

Just a few of my weekend purchases.
Chloe, sporting her new OSU collar. She loves it.

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