A Pirate's Life for Me

My friend and college roommate, Candace (we'll call her C-Baby - happy birthday, btw!), and I once declared that we'd rather be pirates than princesses. I mean, wouldn't you? Think of how tan you'd be! And the rum! Oh, the rum. Forget about being locked up in a tower, I'll take a boat...errr, ship...any day.

Wednesday night, Cole and I made our way downtown to the Myriad Botanical Gardens to take part in the SONIC Summer Movie Nights screening of Pirates of the Caribbean. I'd been wanting to go to one of the lawn movies all summer, but life happened. We finally had a free Wednesday evening and perfect weather, to boot (65 degrees in August? I'll take it), so we turned it into a cute little date night. Everybody say, "Awwww."

We brought an OSU blanket to sit on, bought ourselves an ice cream cone from Roxy's, and settled down for some Pirate action.... ah, perfection. The couple next to us miiiight have been a little weirded out with my constant creeper picture taking and given me a few weird looks... Girls gotta get the right exposure, ya know? Thanks for being cute models, guys.

While getting our Roxy's fix, it was brought to my attention that with your Keep it Local card, you get double stamps on a Roxy's punch card. Say what?! How did I not know this?! I could have had so many free ice cream cones already. When she told me this information, the Roxy's lady (sweetest girl in all of OKC) said, "I figured you of all people knew!" Yeah.....we're gonna pretend like she doesn't recognize me. I think I have a problem....hashtag fatkid. 

As we watched Pirates and sat in the cool night breeze, I found myself looking forward to my own Caribbean adventure coming up next week. Sun, sand, saltwater, unlimited food, fruity beverages and my babe (who is way better looking than Orlando Bloom, if I do say so myself)... Yes, please. Hopefully the rum won't run out or else I may have to go Jack Sparrow on someone's ass...its a pirate's life for me! 

If you find yourself singing, "Yo ho, yo ho" sometime in the next week, grab some friends and head down to the Myriad Botanical Gardens Wednesday evening for a free screening of The Goonies...it's a personal fav. It'll be a swashbuckling good time! And Josh Brolin's character, Brand, is pretty dreamy, too....

Oh, OKC, you make my heart flutter. Thanks for being so darn fun!

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