Keep it Local, Okla.

You've heard me say it before, Oklahoma City is the bomb dot com. I fall more in love with my little urban paradise on the daily.

Just another reason why OKC is the star to my burst: Keep it Local (web, twitter).

As we all know, I love exploring Oklahoma, I have a passion for delicious food, I have a shoe fettish and I adore boutiques. That being said, throw in some cash money savings (I'm also kind of stingy, my mom called me a "smart spender" growing up), and this girl's in heaven. Keep it Local does just that: card holders receive special discounts at local merchants (ie: cute boutiques, local eateries and more). So right up my alley.

Keep it Local Mission Statement: To give people the tools and incentives they need to find and support independent, locally-owned businesses. 


Follow @KeepItLocalOK on Twitter. Do it. They'll supply you with plenty of re-tweets to let you know what's going on in the OKC community, where you can save and where specials are going on. Oh my, Keep it Local, you guys are the bee's knees.

Why should you become a card holder? Let me list a few reasons:

Just to name a few... To see the entire list of merchants (which includes other cities in the area), check out their website.

You want a card, right? Who am I kidding, you NEED a card! You can buy your 2013 card at many of the listed merchants as well as on the Keep it Local website for only $10. What a steal. Think of all the money you'll save!

Now that I've listed off several of my favorite local restaurants, my stomach is growling like crazy. I think its time for lunch.... Now I just have to decide where to use my card today!

Over & Out. 

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