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Hi, hello, what's up?! July has come to an end in the blink of an eye.....it will be football season in just a few weeks and Halloween before we know it and I am 100% OK with that. I used to be a summer girl but the older I get the more I love fall and winter. I like being tan and all but I'm just not into sweating and I much prefer chunky sweaters to scandalous crop tops haha.

One of the best parts about blogging is getting PR packages in the mail! Half the time I don't know they are coming so it's a fun surprise. It allows me to sample a lot of new products and find new favorites to share! Also, I recently signed up for a Boxycharm subscription (you get a box of full-size, high-end makeup every month for only $21) so I've got a lot of new products lined up that I'm loving. This month's post is kind of heavy on beauty products thanks to Boxycharm and my PR packages but other months have more clothes or other items, just FYI!

I received these items in a PR package and started implementing them into my skin care routine about a month and a half ago. My skin has been so happy! The liquid exfoliant and pore purifier serum both have salicylic acid in them which helps your skin cells overturn faster (like natural exfoliation) and keeps your skin looking fresh. They are supposed to help your pores stay cleaned out. The hydrating fluid lotion has an SPF 50 in it but it goes on super smooth, it's not greasy at all and it layers well under other moisturizers or makeup. I use the exfoliant (like a toner) and hydrating fluid in the morning and the pore purifier at night after washing my face and follow up both regimes with a moisturizer. 
My bestie Ashley from Sass and Satin recommended this face wash to me and I really like it! It's a sulphur wash but it's really gentle and not drying at all. I started using it at the same time as the Paula's Choice products and the combo has been fantastic for my skin. I haven't been this clear in a while!

You might remember I got my eyebrows microbladed a few months ago. I love the shape and color but what I don't love is that my natural brow hairs grow in a weird direction in certain spots and often don't lay right. This brow setter is like a hair gel for your brows haha. You brush it through and shape them however you like and they stay put all day! A little goes a long way so you can really glue them down if you want to (but they do get crunchy if you aren't careful). It works really well for making a perfect smooth look or a boy brow!

This is totally unsponsored! I always hated buying razors because they are SO EXPENSIVE. I would put it off until my razor was duller than dull. These Billie razors are a subscription service and are shipped on a regular basis so you can always replace your razorblades on time! They're also really affordable (like, half the price) and such high quality! The six blades are encased in a charcoal shave soap that luxuriously glides over your skin and gives you a super smooth shave. Though I've never tried it, I've heard really good things about their shaving cream. Their products are all natural with no parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances. 

I mentioned my TULA primer in last months favorites post and though I do really love that one, I think I like this one even more! It came in my Boxycharm box and has made such a difference in my makeup! It is a clear liquid (almost like a thin serum) and smooths out my skin flawlessly before applying foundation. It also helps my foundation stay on all day!

Somehow I got put on Avon's PR list so I receive a lot of their products to test out. They are all decent, but they normally aren't worthy of including on a favorites blog post. This foundation, though.....I LOVE it! It's a brightening tinted moisturizer and it makes me so glowy (but not greasy or oily). It's the perfect summer look! It is really breathable and has good coverage (but not too much to where it looks caked on). I am HOOKED and my skin has been loving it, too. I have been wearing the shade fair-medium and it's perfect for a light tan.

I shared THIS liquid highlighter last month but I always like to finish off my makeup with a powder highlighter for a final pop. This Steve Laurant one came in my Boxycharm box and it is amazing! It's not over the top but it's also not subtle....you can definitely see the glow but it's a natural color (I got the cotton candy). I really love it!

I haven't worn lipgloss much in recent years but I really love this one! It tastes AMAZING and looks great by itself or layered over a lip stain or lipstick. It is sticky, but it lasts for several hours and doesn't rub off. I wouldn't have bought it for myself but it came in my Boxycharm box and I'm so glad it did because I've been wearing it nonstop!

I mentioned these in my IG stories last week......all the bloggers have been talking about them and saying they are Lululemon dupes. I don't know if I'd go thaaaat far (not much is as good as Lulu in my personal opinion) but for $25, these leggings are 100% worth it! They are a great fabric (thick but breathable) and actually stay in place as you move - no sliding down! They pass the squat test and are not see through at all. However, the lighter color that I have (I think it's the skylight color) does show a lot of booty sweat so I would recommend getting a darker color! I've been told they are available at TJ Maxx, too, just FYI!

12. Apple AirPod Dupes 
My friend @CourtneyBuechle posted about these and I had to snag some for myself! They are PERFECT Apple AirPods Dupes and they're only $40! They look identical to the real deal and work really well, too.

13. Drybar Southern Belle Mousse
If you're wanting thicker hair without any gross texture, I can't recommend this product enough! It comes out as a mousse but when you rub your hands together it dissolves into a liquid that soaks into you're hair and doesn't leave any sticky or gunky residue behind. It just thickens each strand enough to give you some body! I've been loving all the drybar products lately and have been on a mission to try them all! 
These braided headbands are so easy to throw in your hair and go! They make you look put together and take little to no effort. They have an adjustable strap so you can make them as tight or loose as you like. I have the ash blonde and dirty blonde colors! You can get a discount with code AMANDASOK20.
If you love coffee and you love regular Oreo cookies, you will REALLY love these! They're the perfect crispy chocolate coffee combo. Plus, since they're thins, you can have two! I found them at Target.

16. Roma Lunar Bead Bracelet & Earrings
I love the mixed metal of these pieces from Roma Designer Jewelry. The rose gold and silver combination helps it matches almost anything! I like to stack the bracelet with other bangles and it ads a perfect bit bling and simple sophistication. You can get 20% off site wide with code AMANDASOK20.

Are there any new products or items you've purchased lately that you're loving? If so, let me know so that I can give them a try!

If you're interested in trying Boxycharm, use this link and I'll get a little kick back :) this is not sponsored by Boxycharm, I've just been really loving the subscription and think it's an amazing value for the cost. Each item on its own costs as much as the subscription box! 

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic start to August! 

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