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Ok ya'll, HOW are we already halfway through 2019?! It seems like May came and went in the blink of an eye. I spent several weekends in a row at home this month which rarely happens anymore and boy did it feel good to relax and catch up on real life things. I took a bit of an unplanned but much needed Instagram break and I'm feeling so refreshed from it! I'm ready to take on the summer and all the exciting things it brings.... First up....a weekend trip to Dallas!

I have SO MANY good products to share with you guys this month. It seems like some months I struggle to find enough items to fill a collage for my monthly favorites post and other months (like this one) I have to stop myself from going crazy.

I've been a fan of VIIcode eye masks for a while now. I was just telling my mom when we were in Europe (and very jet lagged) that VIIcode eye masks were the best thing to use after a long flight! It was like the folks at VIIcode were flies on the wall because when I got home, they sent me a new box of eye masks to try! The O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for All Night Repair is AMAZING. The masks are super cooling and refreshing to the touch. The gel-like texture sticks to your under eyes really well (no slipping or sliding but it doesn't pull or scratch, either). They are safe to use for a full 8-hours and stay on as you move around and/or sleep. I can seriously tell a difference when I wake up after wearing them all night - my under eyes feel invigorated, soft, smooth, de-puffed and less wrinkly! It gives a whole new definition to the phrase "bright eyed and bushy tailed." Use code AMANDA for a discount from through June 30!

As I mentioned above, I love VIIcode's eye masks so I was really excited to test out their new eye spray! I'm always on the hunt for anti-aging eye products that I can use with lash extensions (so, nothing oily). The eye spray is perfect! I spray it either on my fingertips or directly on my under eye area and pat it in with my fingers as it absorbs. It soaks in really quick so you can even double up with another eye cream or gel, if desired, or use in the mornings before makeup (it soaks in so fast that it won't cause your makeup to smudge). The spray helps the skin retain moisture, it prevents/helps dark circles and it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Yes, please! Not to mention it just feels refreshing. I'm a fan! Use code AMANDA for a discount from through June 30!

3. Swarovski Crystal Knot Ring
YA'LL. How gorgeous is this ring?! I've been on a major ring kick lately and this Swarvorski knot ring is giving me all the feels! It is the perfect amount of sparkly without being too over the top. I think it looks great with red, white and blue pieces for summer a little sparkler for your finger! You know I love my Roma Designer Jewelry can snag anything from their website 20% off with code AMANDASOK20 and orders over $50 ship for free!

4. Ascent Cappuccino Protein Powder
I've been trying to get back on the healthy train this summer. Eating better, working out more, and fueling my body the best way I know how. A part of getting stronger is fueling your muscles with the protein they need to grow!! I am pretty picky with my protein powder but this Cappuccino flavor tastes just like iced coffee. Pro tip: it tastes even better mixed into iced coffee! However, it is made with actual coffee so I try to avoid drinking it in the evenings as it tends to keep me up at night. It's amazing in a breakfast smoothie, though, or mixed into overnight oats!

5. Best BCAAs
 Again with the healthy train. All the extra Crossfit workouts have left me feeling SO SORE so I knew I needed a little help in the muscle recovery department. I used to take BCAAs when I was competing and they really helped so I ordered a new flavor and have been loving the results! I got "Arctic Ice" and it tastes just like a snow cone. Yes, please! Plus, I'm all about that price!

6. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion
Skin care junkies, listen up! I got a sample of this microdermabrasion exfoliant and OH MY WORD I'm obsessed. Currently saving up for the big bottle (it's a bit pricey) because I can't live without it! It is really intense so you have to be gentle when using it but it leaves your skin feeling so smooth. It is said to refine the look of skin's texture by softening imperfections and creating a more radiant, smoother, clearer and brighter complexion. Sign. Me. Up.

7. Goodnight Lovely Vitamins
I saw Caitlin Covington post about these melatonin and hyaluronic acid vitamins and immediately ordered them! You take them at night and they basically work on your skin from the inside out while you sleep! Melatonin promotes restful sleep and hyaluronic acid moisturizes your skin. I've been sleeping like a baby and my skin has felt way less dry (especially when traveling)!

8. & 9. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops & Foam
It seems like everyone raves about these drops but they are ALWAYS sold out at Sephora! They have been on my must try list for AGES so when I found them in stock (and on sale) I immediately hit order....and I'm so glad I did! They work soooo well you guys! I use them in-between spray tans to keep my color looking fresh. You just mix a few drops with your regular body lotion for a natural looking glow (the more drops, the darker the color). It doesn't streak, stain or smell at all! I got the "medium"color (sea foam green bottle) and I like it for everyday color, but if you want a noticeably darker summer tan, I'd recommend the dark (purple bottle).

If you order with the link above, it comes with the tanning mousse, too, as well as an applicator mitt. The mousse is a clear foam so it doesn't develops on your skin within a few hours and smells so a minty ocean breeze! It was a bit sticky at first but it didn't streak and looked super natural. Again, for a subtle color the medium is great, but for a summer glow, I'd recommend the dark!

I surveyed my Instagram followers on the best dry shampoo and Drybar's was the #1 by a landslide! I gave it a shot and I can see why. It smells INCREDIBLE and works so well! It leaves just enough volume behind to plump up tired hair but without leaving any gunky build up or residue. It just soaks up the oil and leaves it looking fresh as can be. I'm a fan! I also noticed they have some new beach scents that intrigue me, but I just got the original.... It is basically like hair perfume IMO! :)

11. Pillow Proof Spray
I stole (I mean "borrowed") this from my Mother-In-Law's bathroom cabinet! I'd been wanting to try it for a long time and really like it so far. It smells just like a hair a good way. It is a heat protectant spray that you use before blow drying to speed up the blow drying process and prevent breakage. I like it because it doesn't leave any texture or residue behind.

12. Lululemon Dupe Tank from Amazon
Who loves Lululemon but not their prices?? Yeah, I'm with ya. I found this tank from Amazon and it is more or less a Lululemon dupe! The fabric is just as good as some of my Lulu and Athleta pieces but it costs $15 with prime shipping!!!!! I love the cross back detail, as well. I am about to order ALL THE COLORS.

13. Ponyflo Dog Mom Hat
I recently received a few fun hats from Ponyflo and have been wearing them non-stop! Ponyflo is basically a baseball cap with a hole on top for a high pony or messy bun on top! It makes wearing a ball cap so much more fun and feminine. They have a ton of cute styles (sporty and casual). You can use code AMANDA25 for 25% off their website!

14. Articles of Society High Waist Denim Shorts
Confession: I've had these jean shorts on my Nordstrom wishlist since last summer. Emily Ann Gemma has posted about them several times and I'm soooo glad I finally pulled the trigger. They are on sale for $29 and so worth it! I sized up as they are not stretchy at all. They are high rise and long enough to cover the bum and be appropriate without looking like frumpy "mom shorts." I noticed that they are selling out in a bunch of sizes (sorry!!!) but THESE are only $16 from Target and just as good (I ordered my regular size, they have some stretch).

15. Pearl Hair Clips
Hair accessories are all.the.rage right now and I'm here for it! Last month I shared my favorite hair scarf but this month I'm sharing pearl barrettes! It has been about 20 years since a wore a barrette but I'm happy to add them back into the rotation. They're such a quick, simple and easy way to add a little something extra to your hair-do! 

16. Scooby Doo Snacks
I am always on the hunt for yummy snacks that aren't cookies or cakes (I have a dessert addiction that I'm trying to break haha) and these Scooby snacks are DELISH! They are really crunchy and satisfying with just the right amount of cinnamon sweetness. I'm aware they still have sugar in them but baby steps, ya'll, baby steps. 

Do you have any new items you're loving? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? If so, lemme know! I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Have a great start to June, friends! Happy summer! 

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