Faux Tan 101 + My Favorite Self Tanners

OKC Blogger Amanda Martin shares her secrets to the perfect spray tan.
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Fake baking is out and faux tanning is in! I always crave that golden glow and feel like a whole new person (and a much better and prettier person) when I'm tan. Luckily, spray tans and self tanners are getting better and more natural looking by the day. Long gone are the days of looking like you rolled in Doritos! With such great faux tanning options available, it makes laying in a tanning bed or getting sunburnt sound so unappealing (plus, I mean, no one wants to look like leather by the time they are 40 amirite).

I talk about spray tans pretty frequently on my Instagram stories so I thought I'd bring that conversation to the blog! I get my spray tans done by Paxton with Get Naked Tans. She is located at 822 Broadway Salon in Automobile Alley. They last about 1.5-2 weeks if taken care of (more on that in a minute) and look so natural! I mean......just look at my legs in these pictures!

Below I'm sharing how to prep for a faux tan and take care of it afterwards - aka Faux Tan 101. The same strategy applies whether it is a spray tan or a self tanner! I like to use self tanner in-between my sprays to make them last a bit longer and keep me looking bronze, so I'm including a few of my favorite self tanners, as well.

OKC blogger Amanda's OK is ready for a holiday weekend!

Oklahoma Blogger Amanda Martin wearing a patriotic tee from Pink Lily Boutique

Blogger Amanda Martin of Amanda's OK shares her tips for self tanning and spray tans

Faux Tan 101 

  • Exfoliate & shave a day before.
  • Arrive with clean skin the day of - no lotion, makeup, deodorant or perfume.
  • Wear dark panties, a dark swimsuit, or whatever you feel comfortable in that won't stain during the spray. I usually wear a black bikini or undies and a strapless bra.
  • Wear loose clothes to and from the appointment so nothing smudges. Baggy t-shirt, sweats, etc. I usually wear dark colors so the tan color doesn't transfer. 

  • Don't get wet until the tan is fully developed. After the set amount of time, rinse off (no soap). The color will appear to wash off but it will keep developing for about 24 hours.
  • Pat dry every time you shower.
  • Apply lotion 2x a day. I notice a huge difference in the length of my spray tan when I remember to do this!
  • Shave and exfoliate as little as possible. The less you exfoliate, the longer the tan will last.
  • I've heard Dove products have an ingredient that causes your tan to fade faster, so I try to stay away from Dove shower gel, deodorant or lotion. 

My Favorite Self Tanners 

How to prep for a spray tan with Amanda's OK Blog

Amanda Martin shares how to make a spray tan last longer

Amanda Martin of OKC blog Amanda's OK shares how to prep for a spray tan

Amanda Martin of Oklahoma blog Amanda's OK shares tips for Faux Tans and Self Tanners

Amanda Martin of Amanda's OK shares her favorite self tanners

OKC Blogger Amanda Martin styles Pink Lily Patriotic Tank for Memorial Day Weekend

I was so nervous the first time I got sprayed because I thought I was going to have literally get naked and have a random person up close and personal in my crotch and boobs hahaha. I couldn't have been more wrong. Paxton has quickly become a friend and she makes me feel so at ease! I seriously can't recommend her enough.

What are your secrets to getting (and keeping) a faux tan? What products do you love? Have you ever been sprayed before or do you prefer at-home self tanner or old school laying out in the sunshine? Just make sure you wear sunscreen so you don't get skin cancer, mmmm? And stay away from tanning beds! Wrinkles aren't cute.

Thanks so much for reaching and happy tanning!

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