3 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

staying fit while traveling
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Two of my greatest passions / pleasures in life are fitness and travel. One would assume the two don't coincide all that well, and that's understandable. I used to eat everything in sight when I traveled including extra snacks, drinks and desserts. I totally don't blame anyone that does that - it is a well-earned vacation, after all, and you should live it up. However, being someone who travels pretty regularly, I've had to tone it back and keep things a little more balanced. One week of total splurging once or twice a year is good for your mental health but since I travel somewhere almost monthly, I can't justify pigging out that often and still maintaining my current level of health and fitness. Ya feel me?

It has definitely been a learning experience, but after multiple back to back trips, I feel like I've got a pretty good feel for it! I thought I'd share what has really helped me incase anyone out there is wanting to stay fit and healthy in the midst of travel.

hiking tent rocks in new mexico

tent rocks hike

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staying healthy while traveling

1. Plan Active Activities 
Instead of spa days and patio drinks, I've started planning active tourist activities. Think: hiking in Colorado, kayaking or white water rafting in Oregon, Paddle Boarding in Austin, biking or running through Central Park in NYC, climbing all the steps of the Eiffel Tower. These activities have been some of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of our recent trips! And they leave you feeling proud of the effort you put forward.

In addition to this, walk as much as you can! When in Europe and NYC, I typically walked 10 - 13 miles a day. Since you're burning all those calories, it allows you to eat a little more than normal without feeling weighed down. My go-to rule is that if it is under half a mile, I'm walking, no doubt about it. If the weather is nice, I'm wearing good shoes and I'm not on a time crunch, I'll even walk a full mile one way. It lets you explore and see the destination from a different perspective plus it keeps your body burning calories.

2. Plan a Healthy Meal....or Several!
No matter how long I'm gone for, I always make sure to fit at least one healthy meal into a vacation. Sometimes I have one healthy meal a day. It can really help to reset your system! Knowing you are eating healthy part of the time lets you enjoy the splurge meals a little more.

Another way to do this, if you're traveling with a buddy, is to order one healthy dish and one unhealthy dish at every meal and split them. This has been C and my unspoken rule for the last few trips and it has worked out great. It allows you to enjoy meals on your vacation without going overboard and making yourself miserable.

3. Pack Healthy Snacks
This is big time, especially when in the airport!! There is nothing I love more than Peanut Butter M&Ms, Nutterbutters and a Coke when I'm on a layover but if I pack healthy snacks in my carry-on, I'm 100% less likely to sit there and stuff my face. TSA doesn't allow drinks through security, but they do allow food - even homemade sandwiches and wraps! I also always buy a pack of water bottles to keep in my hotel room to make sure I stay hydrated.

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There ya have it! These three tips have helped me feel so much better during my recent travels. My digestive system is happier, therefore I'm happier. I come home feeling great and am able to jump back into my workout and healthy eating routine without feeling like death or feeling like I have to make up for anything. Do you have any tips to add? I'd love to hear your thoughts and input!

These pictures are from our recent trip to Santa Fe - we spent a morning hiking at Tent Rocks and had such a good time. It was definitely the highlight of our trip. You can see my Guide to Santa Fe here!

Thanks so much for reading!

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