10 Holy Grail Makeup Items

10 holy grail makeup items
Tank Top - on major sale! | Shorts - my all time favs | Rose Gold Sandals | LV Designer Dupe Sunnies | Lips, color is Bahama
Disclaimer: I by no means consider myself a beauty blogger or a makeup pro. I barely know enough about makeup to get by! BUT, I am a product junkie and I love sampling things until I find a product I love. Once I do that, I'm a repeat customer for life! I did a "Holy Grail Hair Products" post a while back that was very popular, so I thought I'd do a similar one for makeup! I am definitely more of a hair guru than a makeup junkie, just saying!

Now, go figure, I took these pictures before I came up with a topic for this post so I'm not wearing any of the lipsticks or chapsticks that I linked below BUT, I am wearing everything else on my list!

southern summer outfit

purple tank and cut offs

summer summer look

This is THE BEST mascara in the history of ever. I've gone through probably 10 tubes and I keep coming back for more. Even when I decide to go rogue and try something else, I always end up tossing it and I get this mascara instead. It is THAT good. It lengthens, separates, lifts and volumizes all without looking clumpy. It isn't waterproof, but it is long wearing and it lasts all day without smudging (it even makes it through a sweaty workout). 

I started using this about a year ago and I was instantly hooked. I think I'm on tube three or four now! It can go on a little too thick and look clumpy if you're not careful, BUT, if you are careful and apply just a thin layer before applying mascara, it makes your lashes look so much longer! Paired with the mascara above, it is the best combination I've found! Pro tip: let it dry before putting on mascara for the best results. 

As I said above, I'm soooo not a makeup pro. I do not know how to contour properly BUT in my amateur opinion, this bronzer gets the job done! I use it under my cheek bones and I frame my hair line as well as adding it touch on either side of my nose. I might be way off here, but it seems to work! Regardless, I really like the formula and the natural color it provides. It doesn't look too fake bronze if you know what I mean. I also love that it comes with a brush inside - it is perfect to use when traveling or on the go. 

OK guys. Don't laugh at me here. I feel silly talking about a drugstore foundation on my top ten list but this is my all time favorite foundation (and I've tried a lot). It doesn't break me out, it has good coverage, it looks super natural and not cakey and it lasts throughout the day. Plus, you can't beat that price tag. Emily Ann Gemma from The Sweetest Thing has raved about it before as well as Caitlin Covington from Southern Curls and Pearls so that is my justification that it is OK to wear drugstore makeup! 

Again with the drugstore items! But I can't not buy this setting spray! It has the most perfect, even spritz and it helps your makeup look fresh and stay put all day. I've tried more expensive sprays but I don't think they are worth the extra cost when this stuff is so good! 

I have this chapstick in about 12 different colors and I love them all! It is perfect for people with extra dry lips who don't like a dry matte lipstick but still want some color. The color is buildable and shows up really well! My favorite colors are rosé, nude and fig but like I said, I have almost all of them and wear them regularly. It is my go-to lippie for those "no makeup makeup" days. 

When I'm not wearing FRESH Sugar Lips, I'm wearing Stila Stay All Day liquid lip. The color "Patina" is probably my signature lip color. I wear it with EVERYTHING. It is the perfect dusty pink and I always get compliments on it when I'm wearing it in Insta-Stories. This is by far the best long wear matte lipstick I've ever worn. It lasts for five or six hours and it wears evenly (so when it does start to come off, you don't look like an idiot with weird lipstick lines). It isn't overly drying, either, which is a huge plus! I have four other Stila colors but Patina is my #1. 

I've tried a lot of primers in my life and most of them either 1) break me out or 2) leave me feeling oily a few hours down the road. I used to use the original Smashbox primer and liked it, but when I tried the Pore Minimizing version, I never went back! It really smooths out my skin and imperfections flawlessly and helps my makeup stay in place all day. I'll never not use this! 

Wow what a name am I right?! This stuff is like magic powder! I use it as a finishing powder to settle all my makeup in place before I spray it with a setting spray. It really helps to give me a matte finish and keep the shine down throughout the day plus it leaves you looking airbrushed. It smooths the pores and imperfections, fills the fine lines and gives you a flawless complexion. 

Last but not least, the world's greatest highlighter! Its not too intense but not too light, either. Basically it is the perfect natural glow and its perfect for a golden summer look. Personally I like the Opal color, but everyone raves about Moonstone and Champagne Pop, too. I apply it to the top of my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose. I also love Becca's Liquid Highlighter - sometimes I double up and use both for an intense glow! 

purple tank outfit

There ya have it! My 10 Holy Grail Makeup items that I keep rebuying over and over and over. Have you tried any of them? Do you have any products you keep repurchasing? If so, let me know in the comments so I can give them a try, too!

Thanks so much for reading, it means the world!

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