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best okc boutiques
Outfit from The Clothing Bar

I have forever and always had a soft spot in my heart for shopping local! I love discovering little boutiques and supporting small business owners in OKC and around the world. Yes, I love me some Target and Nordstrom, but sometimes I get tired of having the same shirt as everyone and their mother and prefer to find something a little more unique and special. When I go on vacation, I don't want to shop at the same chain stores we have at home..... so, I thought I'd round up my top 5 favorite OKC boutiques for those visiting and/or those who live here and might be curious!

1. Mode
The first time I walked in to Mode, I instantly fell in love and knew I would be back time and time again. My credit card also probably had a little anxiety about how many times it was about to be swiped.... Located in Midtown, Mode offers the latest trends in women's fashion including high end brands like Free People and local brands, alike. They have adorable shoes at affordable prices, jewelry, accessories and more. A lot of their stuff has a boho-Cali-beach-sort of vibe to it, with just the right amount of class, which I love! I always come here to buy vacation outfits because everything screams weekend/patio fun. I've bought a ton of statement and basic pieces here and I always get tons of compliments when I wear them. The store is filled with cacti, rose gold and raw wood - basically an Instagram dream! Also, I just have to say that their shop dog, Simba, is the absolute cutest. He's worth the trip, alone!

mode gifts section

try on session from mode in okc

shoe selection at mode
Photo via Mode

clutch from mode in okc
Photo via Mode

2. Lush
I think Lush Fashion Lounge can be accredited with starting my love of local shopping. They are the first boutique I fell in love with and I never looked back! It has been so fun to watch them grow throughout the last nine or so years. Lush is my go-to spot for basic pieces at affordable prices. My closet is FILLED with their products and I have no shame in it because I wear them repeatedly year after year. Kimonos, pikos, tunics, local OKC/OSU apparel, graphic tees and more. I always keep my eye on their under $10 sale section, too. I love following Lush on social media ecause they post the cutest themed photo shoots...go give them a follow!

lush spring line
Photo via Lush

dogs and wine tee
Photo via Lush

lush t-shirt dress

3. The Black Scintilla
Another Midtown boutique that I love to pop in to is The Black Scintilla! If you're lucky and come at the right time, they'll be serving champs or mimosas (yes please!) and their window front will be decorated to the nines - a perfect photo op! They have an AMAZING assortment of statement skirts, super fun/quirky/sassy gifts, local OKC stuff and more in sizes S-3XL with a wide variety of price tags. It is all really high quality and so stylish. I bought a Kentucky Derby hat here and won best dressed with it! They also offer a bunch of workshops like the brushed lettering workshop I attended a while back. I can't recommend them enough!

the black scintilla dress
Photo via The Black Scintilla 

the black scintilla storefront window
Photo via The Black Scintilla

statement skirt from the black scintilla
Photo via The Black Scintilla

kentucky derby outfit from the black scintilla

4. Blue 7
Blue 7 has been around OKC longer than I have! Their "Just OK" section is my #1 stop for local OKC gear. If you're looking for any kind of Oklahoma-themed souvenirs or gifts, this is THE place to go. They have Thunder, OSU, OU, OKC-themed and more. I pretty much own every single coffee mug they sell #noshame and C rocks their local Okie tees all the time. They also offer high-end clothes, jewelry, shoes (the best TOMs selection in town), denim, home decor and quirky gifts. I buy tonnnnnsss of gifts here for friends and family alike each Christmas, birthday, house warming, etc. I think their Just OK line is pretty reasonably priced, but their regular clothes are a bit on the pricier side, just FYI. They host fun events, almost always have a sidewalk sale and have food trucks on site regularly!

blue 7 in okc
Photo via Blue 7

okc mug and coaster
Photo via Blue 7

just ok store in okc
Photo via Blue 7

Disclaimer: The Clothing Bar is located in Norman, not in OKC, BUT I love them so much that I had to include them in this round-up! They offer the cutest clothes that are trendy, fashionable and affordable. Always right on style! Of course, they also have cute shoes, hats accessories and jewelry. If you find yourself in the Norman-area, it is definitely worth a stop! 

the clothing bar in okc
Photo via The Clothing Bar

oklahoma tee from the clothing bar
Photo via The Clothing Bar

There are a ton of other amazing stores and boutiques in town, as well as online, but these are the five I frequent the most! If you're visiting OKC, be sure to check them out - you won't be disappointed! If you're an Okie, too, what shops are your favorites? I'd love to hear! I have found my favorite boutiques in multiple towns across Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas but I'm always ready to check out more.

Are there any requests for next month's Best of OKC series? I was thinking best cocktail or best patio.......but I'm open to suggestions. Let me know!

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