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It's no secret, breakfast is pretty much my love language and I la-la-love me some pancakes. Growing up, pancakes and waffles were my dad's specialty - he would always make them for dinner when my mom was out for the night (with a side of sparkling apple juice, of course). As I grew, he started letting me help make the pancakes. He taught me to watch for the bubbles in the batter and once the bubbles started popping, it was time to flip! We also always made a test-size pancake to make sure the pan was the right temperature. Now days, C does most of the cooking (I'm a lucky lady, eh?), but pancakes are my thing and I still always make that test pancake. 

I've tried nearly 732 recipes for "healthy" pancakes and they never turn out quite right. Paleo pancakes are too thin and runny, protein pancakes are flavorless, dry and chalky.....none of them ever compare to good ole buttermilk! That is, until I found About Time Protein Pancake Mix

These pancakes are:
1) Delicious
2) Fluffy
3) Hearty & Healthy

Is there a better combination? I think not! They are quick, easy and turn out absolutely perfect every.single.time. All you have to do is add water to the powdered mix, stir, and pour onto a 325 degree griddle (I've discovered the lower the temp, the better the pancakes). The same batter also makes perfect waffles, mug cakes, and more. About Time has lot of recipe inspo on their blog that I will be utilizing! 

Their nutrition facts are amazing (especially for something so yummy) and they are gluten free. Each serving has 27g of protein, 24g of carbs and 7g of fat. That leaves just enough room for some butter and maple syrup! C & I normally make a serving and a half to split and have an egg white omelet on the side for a healthy Saturday breakfast. It's so nice to start our weekends off on a healthy note but still feel like we are indulging! 

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I buy my About Time mix from TRIAD in OKC. The staff is amazing, knowledgable, very helpful and never pushy. They often let you sample products before buying them (which is SO important when you're buying 30+ servings at a time). They actually introduced me to this mix by letting me take a sample ziplock bag home and I am eternally grateful. I haven't tried the other flavors because I loved the Maple Syrup so much, but I'm betting they are all equally as delicious. If you need sups, protein bars or pancake mix, definitely swing by TRIAD and tell them I sent you.

What do you have going on this weekend? We are supposed to have friends over for a cookout but our power is still out from the crazy Oklahoma storms last night...fingers crossed it gets fixed soon! Other than that, we are running a 5k and packing to fly out Monday morning for our anniversary beach trip. And of course, we'll be eating our About Time pancakes for weekend breakfast.

Thanks for reading and happy breakfasting!

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality photos! We wake up in the 7o'clocks on Saturday mornings because we are old and boring and our kitchen wasn't quite light enough for pictures yet! But my tummy was rumbling and I couldn't wait, ha! 

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