Maple's Barbecue

For as long as I can remember, barbecue (barbeque?) has been my favorite cuisine and mac and cheese my #1 favorite food; what a coincidence that they always go hand-in-hand! When I heard a new BBQ joint was opening in OKC and was based off Austin's barbecue scene, I was ecstatic. Franklin's was by far the best I ever had (best I ever had, best I ever had 🎵) and I have been itching to go back, so having something similar in my own backyard, aka about 7 hours and a long line closer, made me one happy gal.

I told Cole if he got a sub-twenty minute 5k on Saturday, I'd treat him to a celebratory lunch at Maple's. Well, 19:43 and a first place finish later I owed him a day-date. Of course, I had to snap a few pics along the way.

Top (want it in every color) | Rose Gold Monogram Necklace | Sunnies | Shorts (last year's - this year's version here) | Sandals | Purse

Hat | T-Shirt | Sunnies

You guys, this t-shirt is my all-time-favorite. No lie, I've worn it every weekend since I bought it because it is that soft and comfy -- and it's cute, too! I have more or less talked myself into driving to Express when I wrap up this post and buying it in every color available. It's that good, and only $20!

As for the food, the brisket and specialty beef ribs were our favorites! They were just the right amount of burnt to give it that smokey, meaty flavor. Also, the pickles. I'm a sucker for a really fresh, homemade pickle. I reeeeally wanted to try the banana pudding, but I'll save that for next time.

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