It's time for my annual "year in review" post! I love reading posts from years past - both to remember the year and to see what my resolutions were. I've literally said I was going to sign the wall at the Copper Penny for the last three years. I have yet to do it......[insert monkey covering face emoji]. I did, however, start flossing, so there's that.

2016 has a lot of ups and downs. It was full of travel, adventure and big life changes but there were a lot of mundane days, too, and some not so great things happened along the way. I guess finding the balance between the good and the bad is just a part of life!

Let's choose to remember the good.

So, without further ado, my 2016 in a nutshell:

I turned 26. I got my first massage. My team podiumed at Fittest in OK. I got my own office. I tested out a different way of healthy eating. I was awarded fastest female rower at Cupid's Revenge. I partied in my panties and raised money to #endNF (you can donate to my Cupid's Undie Run 2017 page here). I checked visiting Magnolia Market off my bucket list. I discovered VooDoo Doughnuts. We FINALLY got a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy! I cleaned up a lot of puppy poo. Said puppy's Instagram account went viral. I said goodbye to my first dog, my Golden, Cassie. I made my Mom Grout's homemade Carrot Cake at Easter. I became a wine drinker. I joined the 200# front squat club. I helped a friend pick out her wedding dress. I drank mimosas while cheering on OKC marathon runners. I started filling in my eyebrows. We took a weekend getaway to Austin [two, actually]. I waited in line for hours at Franklin BBQ. I "climbed" Mount Bonnell. I ate VooDoo Doughnuts again....twice. I paddle boarded and didn't fall in. I was the race director for a 5k/10k for the second year in a row. I designed the logo and menu for The Lobby Lounge.  I went to a Texas Rangers game. I PR'd my sumo dead lift. We celebrated our one year anniversary with a trip to Seattle. I ate my way through Pike Place Market. I met the Fremont Troll. I rode a ferry boat. I explored Snoqualmie Falls. I ate a LOT of oysters. I competed in the Free For All Throwdown. I threw several wedding showers. I attended/was in a multitude of weddings. I tried spin class. I spent an entire paycheck at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. We added a member to the Martin family (Hi, Amy!). I planned a bachelorette party weekend in Dallas. I went to every OSU home football game - I even sat in the suites! I woke up to an Okla. earthquake. I *tried* to learn to contour. I devoured a fried gummy bear. Trader Joe's came to OKC. I became a member of the Puppies Make Me Happy Affiliate Program. I visited my parents new lake house in Northwest Arkansas and hiked the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail. WE BOUGHT A HISTORICAL HOME! I designed all the renovations for said home. I convinced Cole to dress up for Halloween as a family - Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and an Ewok. The Cubs won the World Series. Brangelina broke up. I made a 30 before 30 list. We went back to NYC! I watched the leaves change color in Central Park. I ate $90 chicken and $2 pizza. I managed to stay clear of the Trump protests. I saw Aladdin on Broadway. I went ice skating in Bryant Park. I posed outside Carrie's apartment from Sex and the City and Holly Golightly's apartment from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I shopped in SoHo. I got a Louis Vuitton. I stayed in the most beautiful penthouse and ate at an elite restaurant, Le Bernardin. I did a TON of yard work at our new house. I [think I] tore the labrum in my shoulder - pending MRI results. I became a Skimm'bassador. I started seeing an esthetician. I was elected Secretary of the Credit Unions for Kid's committee. Princess Leia died. I spent the holidays with loved ones and ate waaaaay too much. And now, I am excited for what the New Year holds and can't wait to dive in head first.

Coming up in 2017:

  • I most likely will not sign my name on the wall at the Copper Penny, but here's to hoping! 
  • Try a juice cleanse
  • Cross the pond & check off a bunch of European bucket list items
  • Finish renovating and decorating and move in to our new home
  • Throw a dinner party at said home
  • Do a better job at keeping up with Twitter
  • Work on improving my aerobic base....for reals
  • PR my Power Clean - I've been at 180 for far too long - and get better at doing Squat Cleans
  • Start a garden
  • Make it a point to read more for pleasure (maybe 1 book a month!)
  • Break my addiction to snacking
  • Grow Amanda's OK
  • Declutter: my house, my closet, my mind, etc. 
  • Invest in myself and my future more 
  • Love myself

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