Meet Kylo

It's no secret that I've wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy for years and years and years. I nagged and pleaded and strategically planted hints. It was a talking point in many-a-conversation between me and my husband. Facts and logic certainly were not on my side.....but the cuteness factor was.

I got my yearly bonus from work on the same day that a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder I followed on Facebook posted this picture.

Naturally I text it to Cole and said something like, "This is what I can spend my bonus on!" Never in a million years did I expect to come home at lunch and have him agree with me.

Fast forward a few weeks........and say hello to Kylo! Yes, it's from StarWars. Nerd alert.

He turned 10 weeks old yesterday and weighed in at a whopping 15.5 pounds. Insert wide eyed emoji.

Kylo loves to chew. Fingers, shoe strings, zippers, sticks, acorns, Chloe's name it. He also really, really, I'm talking REALLY loves to eat. He is very vocal; always moaning or grunting or whining or barking. It's cute now but it won't be for long.

He is the star pupil in his puppy training class but can't quite seem to nail down the whole not-going-potty-in-his-crate thing (we do a lot of dog-laundry these days). However, he is learning fast and improving daily.

If you want to watch Kylo grow, follow him and Chloe on Instagram (@chloe_and_kylo). They're pretty popular and they get way more likes than I do.....

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