I've got a green-ish thumb

My life has been particularly boring as of late. It’s a revolving door of working the nine to five, squeezing in some R+F training, sweating my butt off at that Crossfit place, bad TV, healthy dinners and boy time (which typically means me falling asleep on the couch in the nine o'clocks while he watches some kind of sporting event...#thunderup). 
Its true. I'm old. And quite boring, to be honest. Even the recent weekends have reflected it. Long gone are the days of staying out 'til two, sleeping 'til noon and doing it all over again. 
Last weekend, I decided to embrace adulthood. While Cole dug up his yard and installed a sprinkler system, I went to Home Depot, bought me some flowers, and planted them. 
And they're still alive. 
My mother is starting to come out in me. My previously black thumb is turning green....ish
Who wants to take bets on how long they'll live? I give them until June.

The next few weekends will be filled with beer tastings, road trips and bachelorette parties. Friends, family and festivals - does it get any better than that? I think not. Hold on to your hats, ya'll. So much for "boring."

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Cindy Sharp said...

You haven't become boring...you just redefined what fun is in your life. Sounds pretty wonderful to me.

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