R + F = LOVE

Friends, I have an announcement!

I am now a Consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatology.

And I'm really, really excited about it.

I'm pumped because a) I need to support my shoe fetish and b) these products literally changed my life. Literally, you guys (see incredibly embarrassing photo below).
6-week R+F Unblemish Results
Yep, that's me. Ugly, pimply me on the left and pretty, zit-free me on the right. WHOA.

Ya'll, I was at a point where my acne was worse than it had ever been in my entire twenty-something years. 13-year-old Amanda didn't even know what acne was. I was embarrassed to go anywhere without makeup. Going to the gym straight from work didn't help either; all that foundation went straight into my pores. It was awful and was only getting worse! I was so embarrassed and self-conscious. Sure, my hair might be pretty and I have nice abs, but my FACE! I was sure people only saw my acne when they looked at me. I tried everything from 100% natural face care products to visiting the Dermatologist and using harsh, prescription chemicals and antibiotics.....I was a lost cause.

That's when Christmas rolled around and I decided to give myself a present: the gift of Rodan and Fields! My beautiful cousin Meghan, a R+F Level V Executive Consultant, kept raving about it. My mom was using the Soothe line and was seeing great results. Several other family members were head over heels for the stuff, too. Everywhere I looked, R+F was getting two-thumbs up, so what did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing....especially considering it had a 60-day money back, you're gonna love this stuff guarantee.

Boy, am I glad I gave it a shot. Six weeks in and my skin was mostly clear. Six months later and I'm posting a makeup-less, unedited selfie because I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed of my skin!

You can see for yourself....these products rock. Like, rock the boat, rock my socks off, rock and roll all night long kinda rock. 

R+F (which, b.t.dub. is made by the same Dermatologists who brought you Proactiv) offers four different regimens including: Redefine (to keep you lookin' young), Reverse (to get rid of brown spots or discoloration), Soothe (for sensitive or red skin), and my saving grace, Unblemish (for acne), as well as a ton of other fun products to throw in the mix and help your skin look its best.

So, my dears, here is the #1 reason why I am now a R+F Consultant: because I love these products and they completely changed my life. And I believe they can do the same for you! Of course, the extra cash, bonuses and time I get to spend talking to awesome people like yourself isn't bad, either. Girls gotta save money for that Jeep Wrangler and Bernese Mountain Dog puppy somehow, ya know? 

If you are interested in trying any of the products out, shoot me an email at itsamandab@gmail.com, leave a comment below or visit my website @ www.amandabradley.myrandf.com for more information. I promise you won't regret it!

Side note: Rodan + Fields offers great business opportunities, too! If you're interested in joining one of the best and fastest growing companies in the nation, being your own boss or scheduling your work around your life, all while having fun and making the big bucks, don't hesitate! Contact me or visit www.amandabradley.myrandf.biz for the deets! 

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