the house that built me

This is the house I grew up in, the house I have called "home" for years.

For those that don't know, my parents are in the process of moving to Kentucky. My dad has been there since February for work, but my mom stuck around to get the house sold, etc. As of today, the house is no longer ours.

I feel like I've had the same conversation 100 times. "How are you doing with the whole thing? Are you sad? Is it hard?" I've answered everyone the same way: Its weird. Its weird to think that "home" is no longer 160 Fawn Hollow Drive, Argyle, Texas. But, its true what they say, home is where the heart is. Now, home is several places to me: OKC, Denton/Dallas, Stillwater and Kentucky. Its where the people I care about are.

The hardest part of this whole ordeal was walking out of my room and leaving the house for the last time, knowing I'll never be back. I felt like Andy in Toy Story when they load up the car and say, "bye, house!" The emotions and feelings it creates are hard to explain, so I'll let my friend Miranda say what I cannot.

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Cindy Sharp said...

I know what you mean. It is a weird feeling....maybe because we are meant for eternity. Love you.

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