I scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream!

You know that noise kids make when they hear the ice cream truck? That's the noise I make when I hear the ice cream truck. In the summer of 1997, I was completely satisfied eating the always refreshing bomb pop or the Mario popsicle with a bubble gum nose (now-a-days Mario has been replaced by Sponge Bob Square Pants). Times have changed, my friends.

Hi, hello, delicious. My taste buds will never be the same....ever. Allow me to introduce you to the best ice cream truck this side of the Mississippi: Roxy's Ice Cream Social.

The food truck epidemic is hitting Oklahoma City hard...in a good way. Think: the launch of the first iPhone or waterproof mascara. Food trucks are becoming the "cool thing" in cities nationwide, and OKC's lineup is top notch: Taste of Soul Egg Rolls, TOS Chicken and Waffles, Wild Al's, The Crepe Brewers, Moto Chef, Heo's Kitchen, Big Truck Tacos, Roxy's Ice Cream and more.

This past weekend, Better Block OKC transformed the Farmer's Market District. Better Block is: "a community revitalization project that temporarily demonstrates how to improve a street with pedestrian and public infrastructure mixed with art, culture, pop-up business and street life." Basically, they put on a little festival to bring people in to the area. Things like this are why I love OKC.

After sampling some delicious, all-natural products from Urban Agrarian, I snagged cinnamon cream honey that is to die for and a tube of Cassidy's Concoctions 100% Natural Immunity Boost chap stick. I'm pretty picky when it comes to chap stick, and folks, this one is a winner (and to top it off, it tastes like Chai Tea Lattes... A+ for Cassidy!).

Ok, ok. Back to the ice cream. Cole and I hit up Better Block around lunch time, so naturally we were hungry. Food trucks to the rescue! Cole got a Mediterranean crepe from The Crepe Brewers, but my inner-fat kid took over. I had ice cream for lunch. Go ahead and make your Pillsbury Dough Boy jokes - it was worth every single calorie. It was literally the best thing I have ever eaten. Peaches and Creme, made with fresh, Oklahoma peaches from Urban Agrarian. It was just so.....peachy! Holy smokes, Batman, I was in heaven. It was so good that we had to track down Roxy's via Twitter the following day to get more (the salted caramel was pretty darn tasty, too, just sayin'). Sorry Blue Bell, there's a new sheriff in town. 

As any 20-something, social media butterfly would do, I had to Instagram my happiness. I also tweeted, "It's never too cold for the best ice cream to ever touch my lips! Thanks, @roxysokc #peachykeen"

(yes, it was freezing cold outside, in MAY! I'm not OK with this.)

Roxy's re-tweeted me.  Just another reason I love supporting local businesses and calling OKC home. Customer satisfaction through social media? Its the second fastest way to win my heart (next to my taste buds, of course) - Roxy's, FTW.

Now if it would only warm up so I can enjoy my ice cream without goosebumps!

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