AOK Guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

AOK Guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Travel blogger Amanda Martin hikes to Delta Lake in the Grand Tetons

Howdy, friends! I just got back from my first real vacation in a year and ya'll, my cup is FULL! 2020 has been such a strange season of's hard to make it as a travel and lifestyle blogger when you can't really travel! I obviously knew I missed traveling but being able to go somewhere made me realize just how vital travel is to my overall happiness and preferred lifestyle. It was SO needed and I enjoyed every single second to the fullest. Traveling allows me to appreciate earth and life in such a special way!

Traveling internationally wasn't an option this year and due to covid, C and I wanted to travel somewhere new that offered social distancing and outdoorsy activities so we could feel a bit better about taking a vacation. Wyoming and its wide open spaces seemed like the perfect option! We spent a week visiting both Jackson Hole, Wyoming (along with the Grand Teton National Park) and Yellowstone (I'll be doing a Yellowstone National Park post next so stay tuned for that). Jackson has been on my bucket list ever since I was a teenager! I met a guy at summer camp from Jackson and it was love at first sight (LOL)....he told me he was an Abercrombie model and I believed him. From that point on, I would search Zillow for ranch homes and log cabins mansions in Wyoming and dream about riding horses across the open fields with mountain view in the distance. It was everything I dreamed of and more! 

Below I'm sharing my guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the summer/fall including what we did, where we stayed, where we ate and shopped, what hikes we chose and what we would recommend! Jackson is a ski town so there are obviously different things to do depending on the season you visit. I'm sure it would be an absolute DREAM in the snow! It was pretty dreamy in the fall, as well, with lots of yellow aspens and fall foliage. The town itself has a definite western-mountain-cowboy aesthetic, which I loved! It feels like a ski town but an upscale, western one, if that makes sense! 

Travel blogger Amanda Martin explores the Jackson Hole town square
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Wyoming Travel Tips

  • Download the Grand Teton National Park app. Service is pretty spotty in the park but you can download an "offline" version of the app that allows you to access the park map when you don't have signal. It was very helpful on hikes and while driving! 
  • Rent a Car - Jackson itself is relatively walkable but if you want to go on any hikes or adventures, you will need a car to access the Grand Tetons! We rented a Jeep Wrangler through our airline. 
  • Pack layers! We visited at the end of September / beginning of October and was in the 20s and 30s in the morning but got up into the 60s/70s in the afternoon! It was drastically cooler in the shade than in the sun, as well. The best kind of weather. I was so happy!
  • Pack Hiking Shoes - If you plan on doing any of the more difficult hikes (i.e. Delta Lake) real hiking shoes are a MUST! You will need a grippy, non-slip bottom. Waterproof wouldn't hurt, either, but it's not totally necessary. 
  • Watch for Wildlife - there are lots of wild animals in Grand Teton, some of which are near the road, so it is important to always keep an eye out when driving or hiking. It is recommended to carry bear spray while hiking (you can rent it at the airport or at other spots around town). 

travel blogger Amanda's OK explores Wyoming from a Jeep Wrangler

Travel blogger @amandasok recommends hiking shoes for hiking in Grand Teton
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What to Do in Jackson Hole

  • Go on a Trail Ride - Jackson is a cowboy town so it feels necessary to ride a horse while there!! There are several trail ride operations around town to choose from with varying lengths and levels of rides. Most were already closed for the season in October but Teton Village Trail Rides was open, so we went through them. FYI: it was very, VERY beginner level. I have ridden and shown horses my whole life so I was pretty bored to say the least haha. We walked (never broke to a trot or canter) for two hours through a field with one short hill climb at the end. It would be fine for unexperienced riders but it didn't quite live up to my Flicka or Man From Snowy River expectations of galloping my horse through the Wyoming wilderness. That is probably my bad, I should have known better! 
  • Hike, hike, hike!! I am sharing the hikes we did below. I referenced Teton Hiking Trails for information and directions on all the hikes we chose. 
  • Go Fly Fishing - we aren't big fishers, but the beauty of the rivers winding through the open fields made me want to try fly fishing! I'm sure it is a fly fisher's paradise...we saw lots of people doing it! 
  • Water Activities - it was too cold when we visited, but in the summer Jackson is a great place for white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more! The glacier lakes are so calm and serene. 
  • Ride the Gondola or Aerial Tram - it was closed for the season when we visited but this gondola looks so fun! It starts at Teton Village (the ski village about 20 minutes outside of Jackson) and takes you up Rendezvous Mountain to several restaurants and hiking trails at the top. 
  • Visit Mormon Row - this is the perfect photo spot! Mormon Row is a historic homestead site with original barns and log cabins that are a century old. We visited at sunset and it was so dreamy.

travel blogger @amandasok rides horses while visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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OKC blogger Amanda Martin and her husband visit Mormon Row for a photoshoot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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Where to Hike in Grand Teton National Park

Pack bear spray, make noise, and hike in a group if possible as bear attacks are a real life occurrence in Grand Teton and wildlife is prevalent! Also, note: you should not run from a bear. 

  • Bradley-Taggart Lake Loop - this is a great easy-moderate trail! It had a lot of variety in topography...hills and flats, rivers and lake fronts, lots of wooded areas and even a huckleberry patch! I clocked it at about 5.3 miles. It took us a little over two hours as there wasn't a ton of elevation gain. There were some awesome lake and mountain views along the trail! 
  • Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point - this trail is HEAVILY trafficked and was our least favorite because of the amount of people. Jenny Lake is so busy and the boats on the water made it feel less serene. A lot of people take a boat across the lake to hike to Inspiration Point (the beginning of the Cascade Canyon trail) but we chose to hike around the lake to Inspiration Point instead. Roundtrip it was 6.5 miles and took us about three hours. We took the trail on the south side of the lake which was mostly flat along the shoreline, stopped at Hidden Falls (a waterfall that you can only see from a few feet in front of it) and then climbed to Inspiration Point before heading back. To avoid crowds, we took a horse trail back (also on the south side of the lake) and it was way more challenging than the hiking trail haha...major elevation gain!! Despite the crowds, Inspiration Point was pretty cool to see and had an amazing is also where I met my chubby chipmunk friend that ate out of my hand! 
  • Delta Lake - you can only reach Delta Lake by hiking to it! It is the most difficult hike I've ever done but WOW it was worth it! The hike is an out and back trail that is about 8-9 miles in total a lot of elevation gain. It is rated as difficult and is partially an unmarked trail up a boulder hill. I'm a pretty in-shape person and I struggled but I'm so glad I did it! In total it took us four hours (however we had a long picnic lunch at the top that I didn't include in the total time). The trail starts at the Lupine Meadows trail head; it starts off with a gentle climb, then lots of steep switchbacks. On the sixth switchback, you break off the main trail and head to the right to tackle the unmarked trail and climb a boulder hill to Delta Lake. If you do this hike, pack lots of water! We ran out and we were parched! Also, I would suggest bringing a picnic or snacks to eat at the top. FYI, the lighting for pictures was pretty good around 2:30 - 3pm in early October. 

lifestyle blogger @amandasok hikes the Bradley-Taggart Lake Loop in Grand Teton National Park
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Travel blogger Amanda Martin of Amanda's OK Blog hikes around Jenny Lake in Jackson, Wyoming, and befriends a chipmunk
Jenny Lake Hike

Amanda Martin of OKC based travel blog Amanda's OK hikes to Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park
Delta Lake Hike

Where to Eat & Drink in Jackson Hole

  • Persephone - the cutest breakfast and lunch cafe! They have a location in Jackson that is pretty busy (the line moved quickly but I'd still suggest getting there early) and a location in Wilson (about 15-20 minutes outside of town) that wasn't as busy. Persephone offered delicious coffee, fresh pastries and yummy food. It was one of C's favorite spots, he raved about the quiche! 
  • Picnic - Persephone's sister restaurant that is equally as delicious! They have the same pastries and coffee but I personally liked their breakfast better. I got the herbed egg sandwich and loved it. 
  • Blue Lion - this is a pricier restaurant but great for a nice dinner! It is located in a historic house. The patio is super cute and they have heaters for chilly evenings! I recommend the Grilled Elk Tenderloin, the Rack of Lamb and the Mud Pie for is a cappuccino pie with an oreo crust (omg, drool worthy ya'll). 
  • Cafe Genevieve - this restaurant is right off the square in an old log cabin! It's super cute and has great home style cooking. We went for brunch but they also have dinner! I loved the cajun eggs benedict. 
  • Local - a super yummy lunch or dinner spot on the square. We had their charcuterie board at the bar and were able to pick and choose from local meats and cheeses like buffalo and elk sausage, beef tongue pastrami, trout rillettes and more. 
  • Rendezvous Bistro - a fantastic dinner date spot! We sat on their patio at their "fire table" and it was so romantic! I highly recommend the Mac & Cheese... I'm super picky with my mac but this was a winner! I almost made myself sick in order to finish the bowl haha. I think it was seasoned with nutmeg? We also really loved the Idaho Trout entree and Frog Legs as an appetizer! 
  • Snake River Brewing - a great spot for a quick meal or a lot of good beer! Their patio was a perfect hang out spot. 
  • Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream - OMG YUM. Some of the best homemade style ice cream I've had in a long time. We loved the huckleberry and the Jamison whiskey flavors. 
  • Million Dollar Cowboy Bar - an iconic spot in Jackson! It is just an old cowboy bar but a fun spot for a beer. The bar is lined with saddles to sit on! 
  • Roadhouse Brewing Co. - a great spot right on the square for local beers and cocktails. They have a balcony and a tented area on the street and serve pub style food with their brews. 

Persephone in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the best breakfast spot!

Picnic is a great breakfast restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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Blue Lion is a delicious, upscale dinner restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Blue Lion

Cafe Genevieve is a homestyle restaurant in a log cabin off the square in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Cafe Genevieve

travel blogger Amanda Martin of @amandasok shares where to eat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Moo's & Local

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is an Iconic photo spot in Jackson Wyoming
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Where to Shop in Jackson Hole

  • Boutiques: Personally I like to find boutiques with quirky coffee mugs, tea towels, jewelry, etc. that looks like it came from Jackson but doesn't necessarily say Jackson or look too touristy, ya know? These were my favorite spots..... Made, Roam, Penny Lane, Altitude, Wyoming Outfitters
  • Souvenir Gift Shops: I'm a sucker for a good gift shop. I always like to find a Christmas ornament and a sticker for my Hydroflask when traveling! These stores offered that + some fun Jackson themed souvenirs, huckleberry gifts and cute shirts.... Shirt Off My Back, Jackson Mercantile, Jackson Trading Company, Lee's Tees

travel blogger @amandasok shares where to shop in Jackson Hole, WY

Where to Stay in Jackson Hole

We were very blessed to stay at a family friend's condo! It was located at the Snow King Mountain Resort and was very convenient to everything in town. 

I'm sure there are TONS of cool rentals in and around Jackson Hole (including the towns of Moose or Wilson). Staying in a log cabin or ranch type home would be so cool and fitting. 

As far as location goes, Jackson itself isn't huge so there really isn't a bad spot. Teton Village (ski area) is about 20 minutes away from town. There are several hotels there, but most of the shops and restaurants are in town so personally I preferred to stay closer to Jackson. Grand Teton and most of the hiking areas are about thirty minutes away from both Jackson and Teton Village. Just be sure to note that Jackson Hole and Teton Village are two separate areas! 

Oxbow Bend is a turnout with amazing fall foliage outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If there is anything I missed or questions I didn't answer, please leave them in the comments! I hope this Guide to Jackson Hole was helpful to those planning a trip there. I'd love to hear your favorite spots in Jackson / Grand Teton, as well, if you've been before. I would go again in a heartbeat, it was such a fabulous trip! I love being in the mountains and living an outdoorsy lifestyle! You know I love OKC but visiting places like Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming really makes me want to move somewhere with access to more outdoor activities and likeminded people. Maybe one day! Until then, I'll keep traveling and experiencing new parts of this cool place we call planet earth. 

Thanks so much for reading, it means so much! Be sure to stay tuned for my Guide to Yellowstone post coming up next. 

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