OKC by the Districts: Deep Deuce

OKC Blogger Amanda Martin shares her guide to the Deep Deuce District of Oklahoma City

Hi, fellow Okies and potential visitors!! I'm back with another OKC by the Districts post (you can find my others here). These are some of my favorite posts to write because I get to share places I genuinely love in my home-sweet-homa. Today we're heading to Deep Deuce....it is not an area that I frequent but that doesn't mean it isn't worth visiting! Deep Deuce is just north of Bricktown and was originally OKC's African American neighborhood in the 20's - 50's; it was known for it's jazz music! Today, it is a vibrant urban neighborhood filled with apartments, condos and other urban homes surrounded by a few delicious restaurants.

I always think of Deep Deuce as being very clean and well kept. It doesn't have that grimy downtown/city feel, but it definitely feels like it is at the heart of an urban area.

Oklahoma City Blogger Amanda Martin brunches at La Baguette in the Deep Deuce District
La Baguette
Breakfast & Brunch
La Baguette - since visiting Paris I'm always craving French pastries! La Baguette is as close to Paris as you can get in OKC. They have a North OKC location that I've been visiting for years but recently opened up the cutest store front in Deep Deuce. It's bright and inviting with blue walls and bright yellow couches. Their bakery counter is filled with croissants and other French goodies and they have the yummiest cappuccinos! I like to stop in for a croissant and coffee after working out on weekend mornings. I'm dying to try their brunch!

Leaf + Bean - I have bee known to frequent the drive through Leaf + Bean stand in NW OKC out of convenience but the Deep Deuce location is about 100x cuter (obviously haha). It is bright and white and welcoming + it has HUGE windows! Instagram friendly, if you catch my drift. Their coffee is always fresh and delicious!

Lunch & Dinner
Anchor Down - gourmet corndogs and craft cocktails in a shipping container that is attached to a dog park? Yep, you read that right. Anchor Down always hits the spot!

The Wedge - Pizza, please! I love pizza because you can eat it for brunch, lunch and dinner. The Wedge was OKC's first artisanal pizzeria and their pizzas are made scratch daily from fresh (and often local) ingredients. The Deep Deuce location is in an old metal building with a huge patio and is so fun to go to for day drinks and pizza.....is there a better combo? The Wedge's pizza are super fresh and covered in unique ingredients like pine nuts, truffles, figs, pears and more. I often think of their 'za as more upscale because of it's toppings but it is in a super chill and laid back setting. Perfect for foodies that aren't into fancy places!

OKC Blogger Amanda's OK enjoys corndogs at Anchor Down in Oklahoma City's Deep Deuce District
Anchor Down

Deep Deuce Grill - I'm not sure why but Deep Deuce's patio has always been a favorite of mine on rainy days! It's a great place to grab a beer and sit by their massive firepit. Of course, they have bar food, too, if you're hungry.

Wheeze the Juice - warning, there's no alcohol here! This drink is good for you! Wheeze the Juice has handcrafted smoothies, juices and bowls. They are so fresh and are made from local, raw ingredients. So much yum!

Belle Kitchen - Belle makes fancy doughnuts, colorful macaroons and yummy pastries! Think: cereal milk doughnut or strawberry milkshake doughnut. Yes, please! They also serve breakfast items like croissant sandwiches and all day eats but the doughnuts and macaroons are my favorites.

Services & Activities
Native Roots Market - a great little corner grocery store with tons of healthy, natural food items. It's so small it reminds me of a store in NYC! A lot of their items are local to Oklahoma which I love.

Bone Dog Boutique & Dog Wash - since Deep Deuce is filled with apartments and condos, there are lots of dogs (I LOVE it)! Bone is a self serve dog wash that also carries boutique dog treats, food, toys, etc. It makes washing your dog really easy because you can tie them in a giant tub (at your height) and dry them there, as well. For someone with two long haired 100 pound dogs, it's absolutely fantastic.

There are several new places popping up in Deep Deuce that I'd love to try, as well, like Grey Sweater and Black Walnut! Locals....are there any I didn't list that you think are worth a mention? If so, let me know! I'd love to give them a whirl.

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