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Oklahoma Blogger Amanda Martin's June Favorites
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Another month has come and gone; it's already time for my monthly favorites post, June edition! I seriously can't believe this time next week it will be the 4th of July.....how is 2019 halfway over already?!! I don't know about you but I'm ready for football season and fall to be here so in that regard, I'm happy that time is moving quickly. Six months until Christmas and my 30th birthday, though? Yikes!

Some months I kind of struggle to come up with enough new items to fill a favorites post but this month I had to narrow it down! I found sooooo many products I fell in love with. I'm sharing them below!

Mac came out with a new "Powder Kiss" line of lipsticks that have a matte look but are softer and more moisturizing on the lips (as opposed to drying like most matte lippies). I got the color My Tweedy per Emily Ann Gemma's recommendation - it's the perfect peachy nude for summer. At first I wasn't that into the formula but after a few days of wearing it, it really grew on me! The formula is super thin so it requires a few layers and works best on exfoliated, clean lips (if not, residue or chapped lips can show through). It is reeeeeally silky feeling on your lips but it doesn't last near as long as Mac's matte lip products. I'd recommend the Powder Kiss line for people who like the matte look but don't like the dryness that often comes with it.

2. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter
I asked my Instagram followers for some makeup recommendations a while back and this brand was recommended to me as a Too Faced dupe. I picked this liquid version up from Ulta and OH MY GOSH. I'm hooked! Especially for only $9! A little goes a looooong way but it blends into foundation so well and leaves a gorgeous dewy glow all day long - it even keeps shimmering under powder. I don't know if I'll ever splurge on my prized Becca highlighter again after trying this. I really want to try other Makeup Revolution products, now!

I received this in my Fab Fit Fun summer box and have really been liking it! It smooths your hair but doesn't make it too thin or smooth like some silkening products can; instead it leaves just enough body and texture behind to give your hair some life! It's the perfect balance all while being heat protecting and helping to protect against humidity....which I definitely need living in the south this summer!

4. drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Spray
I've recently jumped on the drybar bandwagon and am in the process of sampling a ton of their products! I like them all but I am really loving their triple sec spray - it is a fantastic texturizer! It does come out of the aerosol bottle really heavy and fast, FYI, but it adds some body to tired hair without making it feel too gunky. I use it for a tousled look!

5. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
This product came in my Fab Fit Fun Box....I included it in this post because I loved the way it smelled and how easily it soaked into my skin but when I went to link it, I discovered it is also rumored to be good for cellulite reduction. Yes, please! I'll definitely be using it on my thighs in the coming weeks to test that theory out. Even if it doesn't hold true, this is still an amazing moisturizer and smells like a Tahitian vanilla sunrise and soaks in quick while leaving your skin feeling soft (but not slimy). Note: the shower cream is equally as great - it makes me want to try more of the Sol de Janeiro products.

This is a brand new product on the market and I have nothing but good things to say about it! I'm not working with Tula and I bought this with my own money so trust me when I say it's incredible....and only 30-something dollars! I don't have a code for you since I'm not a Tula partner but lots of other bloggers do like my friend @AlexisPaigeB! The product comes out of the tube kind of shimmery and runny (not anything like other primers I've used) and it goes on more like a moisturizer or lotion.....BUT, it smoothes the skin so well and is a perfect, buildable base for makeup. My foundation goes on so smooth and lasts all day - even through sweaty crossfire workouts! HIGHLY recommend! It's made with probiotics, chia seeds and turmeric, too, so it's actually good for your skin. It is supposed to smooth the look of uneven tone and redness and releases "glow particles" that create a warm-toned base for makeup.

I've been on the collagen train for a while now. It is so good for hair, nails, skin, joints, etc. Like....there's no reason not to be taking it! Sometimes I use unflavored collagen in my coffee but I still can barely taste it and it bugs me.....so I've started using flavored collagen in water, instead. It has taken me a while to find a brand/flavor that tasted good (and not too "natural" or "healthy") but I'm happy to announce that this Cucumber Lime collagen is AMAZING. It's light, refreshing, and honestly would taste amazing in a gin cocktail haha. I have the container in my desk at work and use whenever I'm bored with plain water and want a little flavor!

8. Ancient Nutrition Chocolate Bone Broth Protein
This is the same brand that makes the collagen above! I had never tried bone broth protein until this one (I'm usually a whey girl) so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well....consider me a fan! Apparently bone broth is supposed to be good for joints and digestion and comes packed with collagen. This protein powder is lower in carbs/fat than most and seriously tastes like dark chocolate in a glass. It is also a fantastic addition to overnight oats or a pro-yo smoothie (add in a little coconut + coconut flavoring and it tastes like an almond joy). I'm not sure if it's because this is bone broth or because this brand is just that good, but this is probably my favorite protein powder I've ever tasted......and I've consumed a lot of protein powder!

9. drybar Southern Belle Shampoo & Conditioner 
Another drybar product! Disclaimer: I've only used one sample of these products but it was so good I had to include it here! As soon as I run out of my current shampoo and conditioner, this is what I'm ordering next. It gave my hair so much volume, body and life! And it kept it looking good for several days. I also love that the price isn't over the top....it's a good middle of the road price! 

10. Coral Jewelry Pieces from Roma Designer Jewelry (NecklaceEarrings)
These pieces from Roma designer jewelry give me all the patriotic vibes! I love pairing red accessories with blue and white stripes or denim to make an every day outfit more 4th of July friendly. You can use code AMANDASOK20 for a discount site wide! 

11. Star Print PJs (Top, Bottom) c/o Red Dress
OH MY GOSH. Ya'll. I literally told my husband at least four times in one weekend that I never wanted to change out of these PJs. I've been washing them every few days so that I can keep wearing them on repeat! They're sooooo soft and cozy - that lived in, worn out sweatshirt fabric! If you buy anything on this list, buy these. You can thank me later.

12. Flatform Sandals c/o Red Dress
I wasn't sure about these at first because I'm not big on adding to my height but as soon as I put them on I fell in love! They're super comfortable and go with everything. I've been wearing them almost every day for both work and play. They come in a bunch of other colors and prints, too, like leopard, snakeskin and black! 

I received this product in a PR package and I LOOOVE it! I use it as both a makeup setting spray and a soothing pick-me-up spray! It sprays a good, heavy mist but it's even coverage (not splotchy / no big droplets / not too wet if that makes sense).  It can also be used as a standard toner, a primer spray,  sunburn relief, after shave and more. It works to protect your skin from dehydration and restore natural pH and contains some of the highest pharmaceutical grade aloe vera. I've also been using Lexli's anti-aging serum - it's really good, too! I don't like the way it wears under makeup but it's great at night.

I've never been much of a pre-workout person but I am a fan of afternoon pick-me-ups and caffeine! Bang drinks are thought of by some as pre-workout but I use them as regular energy drinks. Bang drinks are sugar free so they aren't supposed to give you a rush or a crash (and they're zero calories, always a win in my book). I don't think they have that fake sugar flavor, either, which is a huge plus. I have always loved the cotton candy flavor as well as the pina colada, but the new flavor frosé rosé might be my favorite of all! It tastes like sweet tarts!

I mentioned several products from my Fab Fit Fun summer box...if you want to order your own box, use code AMANDAMARTIN10 for a discount! I love receiving these boxes and they come with full size products! So fun! 

That's all I got for now, friends! Have you tried any of the above? Do you have any new products you're loving? If so, let me know! 

As always, thanks for reading. It means the world to me. Have a wonderful July! 

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