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Blogger Amanda Martin shares her secret to bright and radiant skin

Raise your hand if you're a summer girl who loves to lounge in the sun 🙋🏼‍♀️ I am all about that my mermaid life and would happily soak up the sun for hours on end, but those warm, happy rays can be so harmful to the skin. I live for a good golden glow, don't get me wrong, but thanks to too many hours by the water (and not enough sunscreen), my face is now sprinkled with dark spots and melasma that I am constantly trying to hide and/or get rid of.

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you've probably seen me talk about different techniques I've used to combat the issue recently. IPL laser treatments and chemical peels have really helped, but  professional treatments like those can get costly quick and aren't something I want to do on a regular basis because they aren't exactly painless! My every day skin brightening solution is a good vitamin C serum and Heladerm's has become my go-to.

Heladerm Vitamin C serum helps to brighten skin

Heladerm Vitamin C serum not only works to brighten the skin, but it tightens, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, it boosts collagen production and it is filled with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to help soften and hydrate. Yes to all of the above! Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and collagen are all super trendy right now and for good reason - all three have so many skin care benefits. Put them together and you've got yourself a potent product!

Blogger Amanda Martin shares how to brighten skin with Heladerm's Vitamin C serum

I mostly use this serum in the mornings after washing and toning but before moisturizing. I always think of Vitamin C as a morning thing (maybe because OJ is a morning thing? Ha!) but it can be used at night, too. It has a thick, creamy consistency that is almost sticky when applied (as opposed to clear and oily like a most other serums). The creaminess is supposed to help stabilize the Vitamin C. I like the texture because it soaks in really quickly and doesn't cause any residue when applied under a moisturizer or under make-up.

Since I've been using Heladerm's serum, my skin has definitely been more radiant and youthful! I love that their products are made in the USA, animal cruelty-free and they use all natural, 76% organic ingredients. This serum has no GMOs, parabens, or any other nasty stuff. It's such a relief to feel good about what I'm putting on my face AND to see good results from it!

Oklahoma City blogger Amanda's OK reviews Heladerm Vitamin C Serum

What skin care concerns do you deal with? Do you have any go-to, holy grail products that you swear by? If you struggle with dark spots or melasma (or even if you just want a good anti-aging product), I highly recommend Heladerm's Vitamin C Serum. You can get it for under $40 on Amazon with free prime shipping!

Thank you to Heladerm for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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