An Honest Rothy's Review

Blogger Amanda's OK shares an honest review of Rothy's The Point

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I got a pair of Rothy's for Christmas and no lie, every single time I wear them, someone asks my thoughts on them! I shared a little bit about them in my January Favorites post, but thought I would dive in and give you a full, honest Rothy's review. I'm not sparing any details! I have The Point style in Persimmon, for reference, but they also have a loafer, a sneaker, a standard [ballerina] flat and a TON of fun colors and designs to choose from. I'm totally crushing on the camo, the zebra and aaaall the leopards. I'd take a pair in every color, really!

For a little background, Rothy's are made from water bottles. The company has been in business for three years and they have already taken 20 million plastic bottles and repurposed them into flats. How's that for going green?! There is no waist throughout the entire shoe making process! People rave about their Rothy's for work, for travel, and for everything in between, but they're PRICEY ($145 a pair) so it's understandable to question if they live up to the hype. Below are the questions I had prior to owning a pair that I thought would be helpful in deciding if they're worth the splurge!

Oklahoma City blogger Amanda Martin wears a camo bodysuit, moto jacket and orange flats
Vegan Moto Jacket, c/o Lulus | Camo Bodysuit, c/o Lulus | Distressed Denim, c/o Lulus | Rothy's Shoes | Lips, color is Dolly

OKC blogger Amanda Martin styles camo and leather

Oklahoma City blogger Amanda Martin shares her opinion on Rothy's shoes

Do they smell?
Yes. But I have extra smelly feet no matter what shoe I'm wearing, so I'm probably not the best person to ask! They are washable, though, so when they start to smell, it's easy to toss them in the washer and fix the problem.

Do they fit true to size?
Yes. The website actually prompts you to size up (which I did) and I ended up having to exchange them for my normal size.

Do they blister?
No. My Rothy's are one of very few pairs of flats that don't give me blisters on my heels! They don't rub or dig into my heel at all (and they don't slide around, either).

Do they rub?
Sorta. The material (since it is made from recycled water bottles) is kinda rough on the skin. It only rubs on one toe (my 'ring' toe) and hasn't aggravated it too much, but I do notice it throughout the day and worry if I was to walk a long ways, it would start to bother me.

That's where KT BFF Tape comes in handy, though! That stuff is pure magic. 

Do they make your feet sweat?
A little. Like I said above, the material is a bit rough and not overly breathable. However, my feet sweat much more in faux leather slides or pumps than they do in Rothy's!

How do they hold up?
Fantastic! I am the WORST at catching my toes on stairs and scuffing up any kind of pointy toed shoes. The rough material on Rothy's is super durable so they don't get scratched or scuffed in the slightest! If they get stained, just throw them in the wash.

Are they waterproof?
Yes! I think waterproof shoes make such a difference....especially when traveling! I've been caught in a random rain storm before and soggy feet are no fun. Rothy's might get a little wet, but they won't get ruined. Remember, they're washable, so water doesn't hurt them in the slightest.

Are they supportive?
A little. They are flats so they aren't the most supportive shoe on the market (i.e. sneaks are going to be squishier, no doubt) BUT, for flats they are pretty darn supportive! They come with a removable insole that is a touch squishy and makes you feel like you're standing on something nice (as opposed to a hard floor, if that makes sense).

Bonus: you can buy extra insoles to swap out between washes - you can even mix and match colors!

Are they really that comfy?
I think so! I haven't worn them when traveling yet, so I can't speak to how many miles of walking it takes to make them un-comfy. But so far, I'm sold. They are definitely some of the more comfortable flats I've ever worn. They are perfect for work (even when standing at events) and with so many styles to choose from, they are easy to dress up or wear casually. They are definitely made to take you from work to happy hour to the grocery store and anywhere in-between.

Where do you buy them?!

Are Rothy's worth the hype? OKC Blogger Amanda Martin of Amanda's OK shares an honest Rothy's Review

There ya have it! My only "negative" so far is that the material is kinda rough, but that is what makes them so durable and sustainable. I have a fun trip planned for April that will include a lot of walking.....I'm excited to test out the long term comfort level!

Have you ever worn Rothy's? Is there another shoe that you swear by? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you have any questions about Rothy's that I didn't answer, let me know. Have a great week, everyone!

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