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I know,  I know, I say this every single month but holy macaroni time flies. September, especially! With New York Fashion Week at the beginning of the month and another trip starting today, I feel like I blinked and September was nearly over. This time next month it will officially be the holidays....WHAT THE!? No complaints, though, it's my favorite time of year and I am ready for it! I am 100% done with my summer closet...I'm so sick of tank tops and shorts. If the Oklahoma weather could just drop a few degrees so I could break out my sweaters and boots, that'd be great!

I was able to find lots of new items and products this month thanks to fashion week! And thanks to my bad habit of burning a hole in my pocket (and by that I mean swiping that credit card...sorry babe). Do you have any new items you're loving? If so, let me know in the comments! I'm such a product junkie and I love to try new things!

1. Rihanna Fenty Beauty Foundation
I have been low-key searching for the perfect foundation for YEARS. I have found plenty that I like but I always ended up settling for a drug store foundation because no nicer brands were ever worth the extra cost. Until I found this (but by extra cost, it's not that much...only like $30 something)! I actually got it as a Sephora sample and I loved it so much I immediately ordered the full bottle! It has about 30 different shades and is super breathable + buildable so you can wear it as light or as full coverage as you want. I'm SOLD and will be wearing this as my foundation for years to come! It covers imperfections flawlessly, is long-wear and never looks oily by the end of the day.

2. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eyeshadow 
I got this as a Sephora bonus in the color Amethyst and have really loved it! It is perfect to darken the crease of your eye. If you're like me and terrible and applying a smoky eye look, this is a great solution! Just draw on and blend/smudge a little with your fingers.

3. Sephora Lip Gloss 
I needed a few extra dollars in order to get a promo so I searched for the cheapest things on Sephora and found this lip gloss. Honestly, I'm blown away that it is so cheap! I got the color Flowers in Hair which is a light bubble gum pink. It kinda reminds me of pink lipgloss I wore in high school BUT it isn't sticky at all. I've been wearing it regularly by itself or over a lipstick!

4. Too Faced Born This Way Setting Powder
I AM HOOKED on this setting power. It smooths you out so good by filling in your pores, soaking up any oil, sealing your makeup and getting you set for the day. Plus, the price is pretty reasonable. I think it helps my makeup last so much longer!

5. Chloe Nomade Perfume
Chloe is my all time favorite perfume brand - I normally wear Chloe Roses (it was my wedding perfume) but recently got Nomade and I am obsessed! It has a little bit more depth to it than Roses does. Roses makes me feel sweet and romantic and Nomade makes me feel like a boss babe ready to take on the world. It is almost spicy but not in a manly way, if that makes sense.

6. Grace & Jasmin Collagen Sheet Mask
Collagen is a miracle worker! Our skin gets so dull without it but these sheet masks really bring my face back to life after a busy week. They boost your skin with collagen for a smoother look and more elasticity. Yes, please. Grace & Stella is currently doing an end of summer sale and products are up to 60% off through September 30....check it out and treat yo self!

I also got their rescue my hair deep conditioner and tried it for the first time last night and MY GOODNESS it is amazing. I've never had a conditioner where I can literally feel it making my hair thicker and bouncier as I apply it. It's nuts but so amazing. Plus, the smell!! I can still smell it 12 hours later.

7. Kendra Scott Sadie Stretch Bracelet
I got this pretty little turquoise bracelet as a party favor at the launch of The Scout Guide Volume III. First off, the Mimosa & Mingle brunch with all the other OKC bloggers was a BLAST, thank you to TSG for hosting us! Second, who doesn't love Kendra? I love the turquoise paired with the spikes, so fun.

8. STATE Tee
My sweet friend Jessica from Love Leigh Creative Soul sent me this tee and I love it so! The "State" is in her brush lettering and the tee is American Apparel so it's super soft. I wore it to this weekend's OSU game and got so many compliments. There is also an OU one and matching hats available on her Easy page! You can use code AMANDASOK to get 15% off storewide!

9. Sam Edelmen Espadrilles
I've been wearing these non stop on Instagram so sorry if you're hearing about them for the millionth time but it's because I LOVE THEM. And they're really comfy! The little platform gives them just enough oomph without being tooooo much and the rose gold is just to die for (but there are other colors, too). All of them are on sale for $27 right now and I think they carry into fall perfectly!

10. KT BFF Blister Prevention Tape
GUYS. I took this to fashion week with me and it was a serious lifesaver. I'm not just saying that, it is 100% the truth. I will forever and ever take this tape with me on vacation when I know I'll be walking around a lot + I will always use it to break in new shoes. You apply it directly to your foot so it doesn't smudge like bandaids can and it lasts for several days. Seriously, I can't recommend it enough. It prevents against chafing, rubbing, blisters, you name it. Now I just need something to protect again smelly feet hahaha.

11. Abercrombie Jeans
Last but not least, my new favorite jeans! They fit like an absolute dream. They're high rise, they suck you in, they lift you up and they're so soft and comfy! I loved them so much I ordered them in a second color. I'm considering doing a "my favorite jeans" blog post soon (these certainly would make the list). If you'd be interested in that post, let me know! 

BONUS: I can't really link them, but I got eyelash extensions for the first time right before fashion week and have been LOVING them. Every morning it's like I wake up with an "I woke up like this" filter on in the mirror haha. I don't have to wear eye makeup at all (at least not to work or around town - I still wear shadow to events or when I want to look cute) and it is such a time saver. Plus I just feel really pretty :) I go to Lashes by Kelleigh at Moss and Magnolia Salon in Edmond!

C and I are off to Oregon for the week! Hopefully we'll get some sweater weather while we're there. We're visiting my family in Bend + taking a few day trips around the state. I'll be posting on Instagram and Insta-stories all week and will be sure to do a full blog post when we get back. Stay tuned!

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