What's Left of the N-Sale

final days of the nordstrom anniversary sale
N-Sale Top | Jeans (BOGO for $9.90) | Similar Booties 

If I was to guess, I'd say you are sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and are 100% over it. If you were to shop it, you most definitely have shopped it by now. If you weren't going to shop it, you probably aren't even interested in reading this post. I feel ya. This sale is kind of like Christmas music in that it is SO EXCITING at first but after a few weeks you are ready to get back to your regularly scheduled programming (which in this case is summer clothing because it is HOT out).

Needless to say, the N-Sale only has a few days left before it ends. It won't be back until next July so if you've been thinking about pulling the trigger on something, now is the time to do it. Returns are piling in so certain sizes and colors are getting restocked here and there. There are still a few items, believe it or not, that are almost fully stocked. Everything will go back up to its original price on August 6, so if there is anything (and I mean anything) that you might regret not buying, snag it now! I rounded up some of my favorites items that are still in stock and those last few things that have my eye below.

There are only THREE DAYS left to shop the sale (including today) before everything left goes up to the original price on Monday! Don't miss out - nothing haunts you more than the things you didn't buy.

Here are the rest of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts if you want some outfit inspo or details on how things fit:

Several of the items in the widget above are featured in these posts with me wearing them so you can get a feel of how they look on a real person! Also, both of the jeans I included in the widget are on my blog/Insta no less than 100 times, just FYI. I wear them ALL THE TIME. Same for all the lip products! They are tried and true.

Happy shopping and happy weekend! 

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