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summer pool days

Haaaaappy Friday, friends! Somehow we totally skipped over spring and went straight from sweaters to tank tops in no time flat. That's OK, though, because it means pool days are here! I've been making a point to spend a few hours in the sun every weekend to get a jump start on my summer tan. We don't have a pool so I've just been laying on our picnic table in our isn't glamorous by any means but it is 100% necessary. My legs were ghostly!! Luckily we have a few friends with pools and C's parents have the best pool of them all. We're headed there tomorrow for some R&R; my mom-in-law makes the best sandwiches, snacks and poolside cocktails so I'm v. excited.

In other news, life is busy as all get out. Que, "all I do is work work work work work!" Whether that is working on the blog, working at my day job or teaching at Beyond Studios. Not complaining, just stating. I'm ready for vacation and/or a spa day, stat. T-minus one week until we head out of town on a little anniversary is much needed!

okc bloggers
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Ashley from Sass and Satin and I have been friends long before blogging. It is always so fun to catch up! We met for drinks a few weekends ago at Bar Arbolada. It was soooo cute and Insta-Worthy. Perfect lighting and marble counters, yes yes yes! The real show stopper, though was their craft cocktails. They were really unique and refreshing...I recommend!

okc half marathon

The OKC Memorial Marathon runs right through our neighborhood (it did at our old house, too). It is tradition to cheer the runners on while sipping mimosas. This year, though, C ran the half with our friends/neighbors Ryan and Megan, so I took Chloe dog for a run of our own to cheer them on at several spots along the course. It was my first run since shoulder surgery and it felt sooooo good to move/sweat but I think I was more sore then the rest of them combined! Hello, shin splints. 

chloe the great pyrenees

Chloe likes running much more than I do. On marathon day, she tried to run off with every runner that pet her or said, "Hi, puppy!!"  When I ran a half a few years back, seeing a dog on the course was the absolute best - it turned my frown upside down haha. I ALWAYS make a point to bring the pups our to the course and hopefully make someone's race a little happier. 

okc marathon finisher
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This is quick snap from our post-marathon celebration - finally getting those obligatory mimosas!

hi rise floral swimsuit
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Remember when I said I lay on a picnic table to tan in my backyard? This is the one. Super classy!

royal wedding party outfit

Our neighborhood has an annual Kentucky Derby Party. It is so fun to get dressed to the nines and sip mint juleps! This outfit would be equally as perfect for the Royal Wedding tomorrow - please tell me someone is having a tea party watch party at 6 a.m.?! I reeeeeeally wanted to host one, but I have to teach in the morning. Maybe I'll do a Royal Wedding playlist for class haha. All Disney Princess songs! I kid, I kid.

derby day

He makes a cute southern gentleman, don't you agree? I LOVED my fascinator but it was soooo hard to see - I think it lasted just about as long as the derby itself!

okie poke bowl

After visiting LA and eating poke bowls at Lemonade, I have been craving them something fierce. I heard Okie Poke was opening in OKC and have been SO excited to give them a try. They were good, but they weren't anything compared to Lemonade. Guess I'll just have to go back to Beverly......shoot! ;)

dog PJ set
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This is our Mother's Day picture - LOL. Dog moms need love, too! 

What is on your weekend agenda? I'm teaching the Beyond 500 class in the a.m., but like I said above, I'm heading to Stilly afterwards for a much needed pool day! You'll find me on a giant flamingo floatie with a drink in my hand. Cheers! 

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