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I never really believed that it was healthier for your hair to go a few days between washes, but then I tried it. Now I'm hooked! Seriously though, after a year of not washing my hair every day, I can promise you that it is SO much healthier over-all. I can go months longer between hair cuts, my hair is way shinier and bouncier and it's growing faster and longer than ever before. Plus it saves me a ton of time getting ready, and that's a huge W in my book.

Incase you didn't know, washing your hair every day actually strips your hair of natural oils which leads to dry hair and more breakage. It also fades color faster, dulls shine, and dries out your scalp which can lead a dandruff. Plus, a dry scalp often produces MORE oil to make up for being so dry - it's a vicious cycle!

I workout almost every day and sweat a lot (like, more than the average twenty-something female haha). I never thought my hair could survive a sweat-sesh without immediately washing it, but after experimenting and testing out many-a-hair routine, I'm here to tell you that it can be done

Please note: I still shower and wash my body every day after working out. I'm not disgusting, I promise! 

Here's how to skip washing your hair after a workout:

  1. When working out, wear your hair in a simple pony tail (not a messy bun). This will eliminate unnecessary tangles and prevent multiple creases from the ponytail holder. 
  2. Take your hair down immediately after you finish working out. If it dries while still up, you'll have creases! I always throw mine over the headrest in my car as I drive home so it can air out.
  3. Lightly blow dry your roots on cold until dry. If my hair is straight, I use a flat brush. If my hair is curly, I just use my fingers to tousle it as I dry. I always flip my head upside down while I do this step - it helps your hair dry with a more "styled" look and not end up stuck to your head. It's important to use the cool setting to keep from damaging your hair (or making you sweat more). 
  4. Spray your roots with dry shampooThis is my favorite brand if you want your hair to feel as clean as possible (without any residue). 
  5. Spray your ends with a scented leave-in product. I use this one for shine (blonde version here) or this one for texture. This also helps eliminate any dirty hair smell! 
  6. When showering, use a shower cap. I put my hair in a loose bun secured with bobby pins to keep it from getting any creases. 

Of course, using quality shampoo, conditioner and leave-in styling products will help your hair last longer between washes, too. I'm actually able to splurge on more expensive hair products now because I use them so much less! 

If you think your hair is too oily to go a few days between washes, it still may be worth a shot to test it out! Try washing your hair every other day and slowly building up tolerance. I've read that you can actually train your scalp to produce less oil doing it this way. Don't quote me on that, but I know it worked for me!

I love being able to skip washing my hair because I have a LOT of hair and it takes FOREVER to blow dry and style. So, skipping a wash saves me a ton of time! When it takes that much time and effort to fix, I always feel the need to wear it down, like always, to show off all my hard work. Anyone else? But if it's slightly dirty, I'm more apt to style it in a cute braid or bun or even wear a hat! It's really encouraged me to branch out with my hairstyles, which I love. 

BTW, how cute is this muscle tank from Stark & Basic?! I saw it on Mode's Insta-Story and immediately went and bought it. It has become a regular in my closet rotation - its great for workouts and is also adorable under a cardigan or military jacket.

Do you have any tips for rocking dirty hair? I'd love to hear! I'm always looking for new hair tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading, loves! 

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