roxy's brick and mortar

I've told you about Roxy's before. 

It's the best ice cream to ever touch your lips. And that's not an exaggeration.

It would be an understatement to say I was thrilled when I found out that Roxy's Ice Cream Truck would be opening a brick and mortar location in the Plaza District. That meant:

  1. No more chasing the truck down when I had a hankering for their salted caramel
  2. When my Mr. and I buy a historical home in Gatewood one day, we can walk to Roxy's
  3. I just wanted there to be three things

I had been keeping up with the building's progress via Instagram and knew it would be open come summer. What I didn't know, was that I was on the soft opening invitee list. 


I felt so VIP when I opened the invitation. I guess it pays to schedule them to come to various events in your life, work and personal. 

The soft opening was better than my 6th birthday party. Upon opening the door, you were greeted with brightly colored walls (that match the truck's color scheme, mind you), blue sky painted ceilings and all the ice cream you could handle. A giant, artsy portrait of Roxy (the dog in which the biz is named after) hung on the wall. The staff was helpful and friendly, the owners chatted with those lucky enough to score an invite, and the ice cream do I put this....exceptionally, tastebud exhilaratingly good.

You see, I hadn't had Roxy's since last summer (the truck takes a break during the winter months), and the distinctively sweet, salty, scrumptious flavor of salted caramel came rushing back to never misses a beat. Cole, my +1, got coffee & cream, which is no salted caramel, but a damn close second. It is the closest thing to my uncle's homemade coffee ice-cream that I've ever tasted.

Other recommended flavors: peaches n cream, strawberry, cherry, coconut, pistachio, pecan, cookies n cream......and every other flavor available. Because I've tried them all. Honestly, you can't go wrong. Each rich flavor bursts in your mouth and tastes closer to homemade ice-cream than homemade vanilla itself. 

It's a party in your mouth.

Once they are officially open for business, be sure to swing by Roxy's in the Plaza. You won't be sorry (unless of course you're on a honeymoon diet like I am and I just ruined it for you. My bad.). 

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