Girls Who Crossfit


Search it on the 'gram. Go on. You'll find some beasts. You'll also find some posers. Probably a few sluts. But what you'll come across for the most part is normal girls who work their asses off at the gym on a regular basis. Those are the girls I am proud to represent.

A year ago, I wrote this post after trying crossfit for the first time. I had been running and yoga-ing a LOT, but was plateauing hard. I thought I was in decent shape. I was skinny, very flexible, and had just ran a half-marathon. But I hated running (really, really hated it). I forced myself to do it because 1) I wanted to be fit and proud of my body 2) it was free and 3) I just assumed that since running sucked, I would hate all forms of working out. Man, was I wrong.

I freaking LOVE crossfit. Yeah, maybe I'm the stereotypical "can't stop talking about it, post five million pictures of it" kind of girl, but who gives a damn? It's the most fun I've ever had and I'm in the best shape of my life.

In 365 days, I've seen my body change for the better. I've gotten stronger (mentally and physically), I've gained endurance that a half marathon could never give me, my ass has gotten bigger (I think that's a good thing), my shoulders are jacked and my tummy is flatter with a few nice little lumps on it (a.k.a. abs). I may be slightly heavier when I step on the scale (it's been hard to adjust my way of thinking...I still struggle with it), but it's true what they say: muscle weighs more than fat. I've also made friends, pushed myself harder than ever before, and reached a point where I'm truly proud of my body and what it can do. Not to toot my own horn, but looking back at the progress I've made makes me feel real good.

Having just completed my third competition, receiving my one-year bag from Koda and PRing my power clean for the first time in months, I'm excited for what my crossfit future holds.

I see you, podium, I'll be there soon.

Photos by Koda Media

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