I had a blowout.

A while back I discovered Hart of Dixie on Netflix. I watched the entire two seasons within a week. My life was about like this during that time.....waiting for the premiere of season three seemed like it took years.

Needless to say, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) often went to the local hair salon in Bluebell, Alabama, to get a blowout.

A what out? Like the tire?

My thoughts exactly. I noticed overtime (in other TV shows, mind you) that southern bells mentioned their "blowouts" regularly. And man, did their hair always look pristine.

To the internet! I googled, I binged, I pinterested. I even asked my hair stylist. From what it sounded like, a blowout was basically a wash, dry and style, with special attention given to the blowdrying process to give volume, style and cleanliness that lasts several days.

So, you're telling me people pay to simply have their hair blow-dried on a regular basis? Yeah. No thanks. Not for me.

Until our engagement pictures came around and my [very dead and brittle] hair just wasn't cutting it. I needed to look fabulous. I mean, they're going to be hanging in our house for years to come and all..... So, I scheduled my first blowout. I was hoping the professionally styled hair would hold up against the Oklahoma wind and make me look like a supermodel....

It didn't. It looked 100% exactly the same as how I fix my hair every. single. day.

I asked for some volume/bounce/loose curl at the bottom....it went flat. I asked for a little extra hold to help in the wind....it blew around and tangled up like we were in a tornado. I was told the blowout would last around four days (meaning no washing during that time)....24 hours later I felt like a slimy, grease covered homeless person.

Can you tell which hair was professionally styled and which one I did myself?

Me either.

The moral of the story is, blowouts aren't worth $40. At least now I know I can style my hair like a pro.

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The Pony Post Grad said...

I came to the same conclusion a month ago... I'd rather just pay a bit extra and get a trim to keep it healthy

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