Burpees for Bernese


Don't open a missing persons case with the boys in blue. I'm still here, alive and well. I didn't forget about you......I've just been neglecting you. Shame on me, I know. Between starting a new job (more on that later) and training for my first Crossfit competition, I've barely had a spare minute to check Twitter or text my mom. It stresses me out just thinking about all the good RT opportunities I missed.

Last weekend I competed at the Koda First Timer's Open Crossfit competition. It's an event held at my home gym, specifically for people who have never competed before. 40 other girls were signed up in my division, and I somehow pulled off a top ten finish. Although I had my fingers crossed for the podium (and the Bernese Mountain Dog Cole promised me if I won), I beat [most of] my goals and am pleased with the outcome.

SIDE NOTE: I have to take a moment and brag on Cole. He got second place in his division. What. A. Stud. I'm a lucky lady and a very proud girlfriend.

The event consisted of three WODS throughout the day.

50m sled push (70 lb)
15 burpees
50m sled drag
12 burpees
50 m sled push
9 burpees
50m sled drag

What a way to start the day, man. Burpees are not meant for tall people. I went into this WOD with a goal of beating my best practice time (5:12). I knew it would be my worst event of the day.

As I waited for "3...2...1...GO," I chanted "Burpees for Bernese" to myself. That's what the competition was about, after all. By the end of my first round, I thought I was done for. I could feel the puke in the back of my throat. After the second round of burpees, I thought I was last in my heat. My judge kept yelling "Good pace, good pace!" I wanted to punch him. It's not a good pace if I'm in last place, dude. As I pulled the sled down the home stretch, I glanced over my shoulder to see where I stood.....low and behold, I was in second. Say what?! I finished with a time of 4:19. Not the best in comparison to others, but good enough for me! I think I could have shaved off a little time on the sled drags, but oh well. Hind sight.

5 rounds for time
Row 200m
10 Box jumps
10 Dumbbell Push Press (25 lb)

Besides my lingering fear of box jumps (I have nightmares about them on the reg), I knew this WOD would be a piece of cake for me. Exhausting, yes, but nothing to worry about if I really pushed myself. I practiced multiple times and felt good going into it. My goal was to be under 8:30. I didn't make it.....I didn't even beat my practice time. I did, however, come away first in my heat and 6th overall. 

Looking back, I needed to work on my push press a little more - I dip too low in my knees which adds time and energy. I also didn't really need those three second breathers on the last few rounds.....come on, Amanda. Get your shit together. This is the performance I was most unhappy with. Consequently, it was also the WOD I did the best in. Weird how that works, huh?

8 minute time cap
10 rope jumps
10 cleans @ 63 lb
10 rope jumps
10 cleans @ 83 lbs
10 rope jumps
10 cleans @ 103 lbs
10 rope jumps
Max Effort cleans @ 123 lbs

This WOD was my baby. I was sitting in 10th place going into it. I knew I could get through it. I also knew a lot of girls couldn't. Naturally, I figured I'd get first and end up on the podium with a new puppy. I guess I let my cockiness get the best of me.....

My goal was to beat my practice (6 max effort cleans) and to have no no-reps. I really paced myself. I knew I could get through the first three rounds easily, but that I needed to save as much as possible for the max effort round. By the time I got there, I still had several minutes left. I took my time, making sure I was good and ready before I started each clean. I could hear Cole counting down for me "3...2....1" which helped a TON. If I count for myself its always "3, 2,1....ok ok, 3, 2, 1 again." 

When the buzzer went off, my judge told me I got ten cleans. TEN! And I didn't no-rep once. I was thrilled. Then I found out several of the girls I needed to beat in order to podium got more cleans than me. I tried not to get frustrated.....but have you met me? I'm a sore loser. I guess that's why my parents put me in ballet as a child instead of a competitive sport. I could have totally gotten two or three more cleans had I not paced myself as much, right?? Who knows.....what I do know, is that finishing in the top 10 in your first competition isn't all that bad after all. Even if I didn't get my puppy.........yet. 

Photos by Koda Media.

......except this one. This one is by Chasity Beasler Ladd.

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