Friend Dating

Ah, dating. That awkward stage between being an acquaintance and being in a relationship. Its new and exciting....but what do you talk about?

I may have locked down the hottest bachelor in all of Okla., but I'm still dating. Friend dating, that is. You see, I'm happy as can be in Oklahoma City, but I'm missing one important thing: best friends. My besties all live elsewhere while I'm, for lack of a better word, a transplant. I love hanging out with my babe on the reg, but I still need some lady time in my life! I mean, who am I supposed to get pedicures and go see the next Nicholas Sparks movie with? 

In college, friend dating was easy; everyone was in the same boat. You had classes with people, parties every weekend, group projects....everywhere you went you met and got to know people. Now? Its freakin' hard, man. Meeting people, let alone people you like, is not exactly a regular occurrence. 

I watch shows like Sex and the City and want those friends in my life. Those weekend brunch dates, shopping buddies, call you up at 2 a.m. to tell you the latest drama, come over without being invited type friends. But, even if you share all the same hobbies, have identical Pinterest boards, had the same major or even share some of the same friends, it doesn't mean you will click. And even if you do, its hard to find the time to build that friendship between work, working out and the uber-important me-time. 

All that being said, I'm on the market. I'm looking for the Snooki to my JWOWW. If you like puppies, junk food, gossip, taking selfies, drinking beer, working out, laying out and/or trashy TV, let's be friends. 


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