I drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid.

I did it. I finally gave in and drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid.

After watching girls with my dream body type compete in The Fittest Games (Ryan got 6th place over all, by the way!) and spending months years listening to Cole and Ryan talk about snatches, dead lifts and cleans, I finally got over my fear of embarrassing them myself and gave Koda Crossfit a try.

A severe flare up of peroneal tendonitis has caused me to put half marathon training on hold for a while (boooo), but Crossfit seems like the perfect alternative. Girls gotta stay fit, you know. Fist pump, push up, chapstick.

Sorry, guilty pleasure, I can't help myself.

The WOD (work out of the day for all you noobs) was a challenging one. It wore me out more than 13.1 miles ever could but left with with a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

WOD 1:
Row 800 km + 50 Step Ups

WOD 2:
3 rounds
50 backwards jump rope
20 kettle bell swings
Note: Present day me is not nearly as skilled at jumping rope as nine-year-old me.

WOD 3:
Row 800 km + 50 overhead lunges

WOD 4:
3 rounds
50 air squats
10 push ups
10 elevated ring rows
Note: This is where I died. 50 air squats may not sound so bad but I'm here to tell you that it is totally and completely miserable, especially on your first day.

Holy hamstrings, Crossfit. My quads, hammies and traps have never been so sore in my life. That "have to brace yourself while sitting down or you might collapse before you ass hits the chair" kind of sore. I love it. It hurts so good....or maybe I'm just crazy.

Here's to more soreness and less muffin tops. After all, winter workouts build summer bodies!

The Fittest Games | Austin, Texas | Photo via Koda Crossfit

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