Pucker Up

If they ever take this off the shelves, I'll go through major withdrawals. They'll have to drug me to keep me sane. 

Have you seen this little ball of joy in the check out aisle? I know you've wondered what makes it so special. I'll tell you.

Its the best chap stick ever. Of all time. To infinity and beyond (this coming from a girl with five chap sticks in her purse at all times. Yes, I have actually finished an entire tube before. Who else can claim that?).

I can't believe I passed it by for so long. My sincere apologies, EOS. I'm so glad I found you, I love being around you. 

Packed with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e, 95% organic and 100% natural. You can't go wrong with EOS, folks.

Your sweetie will plant oh so many kisses on your lips because they will be sensationally smooth.

It won't leave behind that funky, flaky line. It won't make your lips sticky, but it also won't dry up too quickly. Its the perfect amount of moisture for your pretty pout. It'll be the Pinky to your Brain. 

My favorite part? Puckering up my lips to roll it on. It makes me feel fergalicious.

fer•ga•li•cious definition: make the boys go crazy

Next time you're standing in line at Target, pick out a flavor and give it a try. Your lips will thank you.

Note: not a paid advertisement. I just really, really love this stuff. However, if anyone from EOS is reading this, you can totally put me on the pay roll at anytime. I accept!

P.S. EOS hand cream is pretty bomb diggity, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

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