Thoughts on half marathon training

My thoughts while training for a half marathon in the form of GIFS.

Before I started running on the reg:

Trying to decide if I should do a half marathon:

When I signed up for the half:

How I imagined training for a half would be:

How it really is:

When I try to run with Cole:

Thinking of my non-run workouts as "easy days":

When I have a really great run:

When I have a really bad run:

When its time for my weekend long run:

In the middle of said long run:

Around mile 8: 

When I finally finish my weekend long run:

Telling people about my training:

Trying to train while working 15+hour days on the road (ie: Color Breed Congress horse show):

How Cole runs [insert heart eyes emoticon]:

How I run:

 Me, dealing with leg cramps:

Cole, dealing with chafing:

Dealing with soreness & recovery:

When people try to give me advice on running:

When I cross the finish line:

Talking about my accomplishment, probably for the rest of my life:

My advice to everyone:

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