road trippin' with my two favorite allies

"Boyfriend and girlfriend go to isolated cabin in the woods..." It sounds like the start of a good number of horror films. Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead and Friday the 13th to name a few. But don't worry, this is just your every day rom-com. Or is it?

Last weekend, Cole and I hit the road and made our way down to Fort Cobb, Okla., to his family's cabin, for no reason other than to relax and get it ready for summer. Let me tell ya, folks, it was just what the doctor ordered. Laying in a hammock on the first spring-like day in Oklahoma, cuddling with my man with my pup at my doesn't get any better than that. Are you jealous? Cause you should be.

The cabin was wonderful. It was decorated much like I assume my grandparent's house was in 1973. Lots of pea green and mustard yellow, crocheted pillows and fruit table cloths - so hipster! Upon our arrival, Chloe decided to go for one of her runs (ie: she took off down the road when she jumped out of the car. Just call her Chloe the Exploree). She also decided to later dig four large holes and get dog poo all over Cole's new Chucks.... How dare we tie her up and go eat without her! What were we thinking?! The cabin came complete with an outhouse. Yep, an actual, real life outhouse. Lucky for me there was a working toilet installed inside, too.

We made our way down to the lake to see if the recent "blizzard" had helped the water levels. It hadn't. But it sure served as a pretty photo backdrop. Oklahoma is just about due for Tornado Season; here's to hoping it brings a lot of rain along with it because I don't think this dock serves much of a purpose right now.... I can't catch many fish off of it, thats for sure.

     Cole is a great model, don't you think?  

That evening, we headed down to the local bar, The Crow's Roost. It may be a hole in the wall, but it was hospitality at its finest - thats what I love about small towns. As soon as we walked in the door, the owner, your typical smoker lady bar tender, knew exactly who Cole was (even though he hadn't been there in almost a year). She chatted with us the whole time and hugged me when we left and said she hoped to see us again soon. The best part? It was a dog friendly bar. Its safe to say I made several new canine friends. My favorite event of the evening was when we dropped quarters in a pickle jar of goo. If you could get it in the shot glass, you got a free beer. Not to rub it in, but I made it and Cole didn't. It was nice to finally beat him at something, even if it was by pure luck (I have yet to be that lucky when it comes to basketball or Mario Kart)!

The next morning, we ate breakfast at the convenient store just down the road. I wish my local 7-11 had a menu like this. If it did I would be considered a regular (and also be about 12 pounds heavier). Bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes... you name it! And all for around $2-3 a pop. Can't beat that. It was even decorated with vintage Coca-Cola decór to make you feel right at home. You would be drooling over a picture of my bacon egg and cheese biscuit right now, but I forgot my camera and both of our phones were dead. Please forgive me. We did meet this super friendly dog though, he really didn't want us to leave and kept pawing at our feet while crawling in circles. Can we keep him?!?

After some exploring, taking Chloe on a walk, our hammock time and an episode of Game of Thrones (Season 3 is about to premiere, if you aren't caught up, I suggest you get on it!), we headed out for lunch at the Deckboat. The best steak in town, mind you. My waist line can attest to how delicious their food was. I ordered some of the best fried catfish this side of the Mississippi - and Oklahoma knows how to do catfish! It also came with bread, a salad, french fries and cake to boot! Hi, hello, delicious. I will definitely be returning (preferably with a very empty stomach). I brought my camera this time, but accidentally scarfed down the food before thinking about taking a picture... it was just that good. Can you blame me?

It was the perfect relaxing weekend and just what I needed before starting Convention week at work. The copious amounts of Oreos, Sour Patch Kids, Kettle Chips and other goodies I consumed didn't hurt much either... We all need a pig out weekend every once in a while, right? Lucky for us, nothing too horror film-ish took place while we were there.... Other than fighting off a few angry wasps and discovering a dead mouse... But no worries, I have plenty of experience in that area.

See you soon, Fort Cobb. Stay classy

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