santa clause & hohoho & mistletoe & presents to pretty girls

'tis the season! It is officially December and I am officially in the Christmas mood (even though its a balmy 75 degrees outside). I got my house decorated, convinced Cole to let me put up a Christmas tree at his house, and have been consuming my fair share of egg nog and peppermint cookies. I like to call myself the Christmas Queen, don't judge.

One of my favorite parts of decorating the tree is unwrapping all of my ornaments and remembering the stories behind them. The little bear is one of my favorites, my dad got him for me, and I think he is adorable. Even though the large quantity ballerina ornaments were not allowed to be hung in Cole's house, I still managed to sneak Sleeping Beauty on the tree, thank goodness! Although it is sad that I won't be there to help decorate the tree at my parent's house this year, it is fun to have my own tree. 

Although decorating my house and my own Christmas tree is fun, writing my grown up Christmas list is not. I've reached the time in my life where my list consists of things I simply don't want to spend money on. This means they are all boring things like a Swiffer mop or heater fan, or incredibly expensive things like a new laptop or giant flat screen TV. And of course a Bernese Mountain puppy, a new Jeep Wrangler, and an all expense paid trip to Tahiti. 

Chloe's Christmas list is pretty simple: things to chew on. After discovering my cable and internet was not working, talking to three separate Indian dudes for an hour at a time, and getting a whole new receiver box, I discovered a certain someone had chewed through the cords that were attached to the outside of my house. Said someone has been staying at Cole's house until I can get the replacement cords idiot-proofed. Turns out, she had a liking for those cords, because she did the same thing a few days later at Cole's. What a jerk. Luckily, Santa brought her some new chew toys that resemble rubber wiring, so hopefully that will keep her happy for the time being. Also, if anyone wants to give me a new pooper scooper, it got chewed up too....... I'd like a big red bow on top, please. 

With the beginning of Christmas season comes the end of football season. Every year I wonder what I'm going to do with all the open weekends. This year, however, I'm really looking forward to having some free weekends to simply do nothing (how old does that make me sound?!). 

OSU, God bless, managed to get a bowl game on New Years at the Cotton Bowl...... No, not THE Cotton Bowl, the "Heart of Dallas" Bowl against Purdue .... yeah, whatever that is. But, as the "loyal and true" alum that I am, I will still be cheering for my Cowboys come New Years for the last game of the season. Until then, there is lots to get done, hot chocolate (with peppermint schnapps) to drink, presents to wrap and carols to sing. And don't forget, the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is by singing loud for all to hear. :) 

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