“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

I got crafty. This relatively new website, pinterest, is not only highly addictive, but full of ideas for arts and crafts, decorations, hair styles, photography, wedding ideas, recipes, and more. It has been called, "Fantasy football for women." I highly reccomend signing up for it (if you're a girl that is...), you will become addicted and find a TON of great ideas. I have been pinning things for quite a while, but I never really did anything with them. Recently, I have been in quite the crafty/decorative mood, so I picked out a few ideas from pinterest, hit up hobby lobby, and got to work. 
The first one was the most fun. Who knew melted crayons could make such a cool picture? If I had only known that when I was 8, I might have become an artist.... All you have to do is hot glue crayons to the top of a canvas or heavy duty paper and blow dry them. Easy as 1, 2, 3! (But be careful, it splatters!) I added the "Kiss me in the rain" and the couple under the umbrella from my own imagination -- what a creative person I am. You can also put the crayons in different shapes (such as a circle or heart) and put a picture in the center -- wall-ah! A picture frame.

I have a growing list of other "Pinterest Projects" to work on in the coming months. Hopefully I can find the time between school and work to get busy on them... But lets not kid ourselves, they probably won't happen for quite a while. But in a perfect world, they include:
  • Bubble Art
  • A head board and coffee table out of pallets (and painting it to match my room)
  • A lamp out of old school camera negatives
  • A pillow with text/quotes written on it
  • T shirt blankets
  • Bottle top wind chime
  • Decorative wine bottles
  • Mason Jar Chendelier
  • A a butt load of recipes....
And thats that. I hope I inspired you to get creative. :) 

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Cindy Sharp said...

Love the art you created.

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