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Oklahoma City Blogger Amanda Martin of Amanda's OK share her top six favorite candles
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Confession: I am addicted to candles. I have a cupboard that is stocked year-round and, as my husband will confirm, I never pass up a good candle sale. I've tried my fair share of scents (some winners, some not) but there are a few select brands and scents that I keep coming back to. I thought I'd share my favorite candles below in case you are on the hunt for a new one! I think candles make such good gifts for housewarmings or birthdays, especially when paired with something else small (like a mug, wine glasses, a throw or a tea towel).

I burn candles year round, but there is something extra cozy about lighting a candle in the middle of winter and cozying up with a blanket, a hot beverage and a good book (or a big puppy, that works, too). Since it's been so chilly lately, I thought this was the perfect time to share my 6 favorite candles with you. So, without further ado.....

OKC blogger Amanda Martin relaxes with her dog and a good candle.
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1. Bath & Body Works
This is the brand I buy most often. I stock up when they go on sale because you can get the large three-wick candles for a really good price and they last a long time. They burn really evenly, too, which I appreciate! Occasionally B&B Works has let me down with with some pretty terrible scents (not a fan of their "London" candle....) but usually they are a pretty safe bet....especially if you shop in store and can sample! The candle in the header photo is Bath and Body Works but it is a holiday-only scent (it smells very similar to Paris Cafe, which is listed below). My favorite scents are:

My favorite spring time smell! It reminds me of fresh roses with dew on them. 

If you like coffee, you NEED this candle. It makes you house smell just like a cozy coffee shop / cafe / bakery.

A perfect summer scent! It is fresh and slightly floral with a hint of vanilla and coconut.

Fresh Balsam  (on sale for $10!) 
My favorite holiday candle, it smells just like a real Christmas tree! I stock up and burn it all winter long.

My favorite fall candle! It's not currently available but I had to include it for future reference!

2. Capri Blue Volcano
The best candle in the world. No lie. I've given this as a gift too many times to count and everyone always raves about it. It smells clean, fresh and almost sweet citrus-y and just overall fantastic. They have the prettiest jars, too, that look decorative no matter where you put them! Not going to lie, I have several empty jars that are still sitting out as decoration. I buy mine at Anthropologie but they can often be found at local stores, as well. They do have other scents (which are great) but the original Capri Blue Volcano is my go-to.

3. Boulangerie 
I buy these candles from Anthropologie! Literally every scent they offer is amazing but I'm partial to the Oatmeal Cookie and the Angel Food Cake. They both smell homey and warm and they aren't overly pricey, either. I always grab one to keep on hand whenever I'm at Anthro.

4. Kendra Scott
I was honored to host the fall candle launch at Kendra Scott in OKC a few months back and have been obsessed with their candles ever since! They are on the more expensive side but they last FOREVER and the scent is really makes your whole house smell good! You can even smell it when it's not burning if you leave the top off. My favorite is the Amethyst (think: blackberry, lilac and sandalwood, YES) but seriously all of them are amazing. Rose Quartz and Tiger's Eye are both winners, too. They all have a slight manly muskiness (in a good cologne type way) so they are husband approved!

Note: as I'm writing this, the large candles are $20 off!! Stock up! 

5. Homesick 
I've only ever tried the Texas scent but it's amazing! It smells leathery and fresh with just a hint of outdoor muskiness. I really want to try Oklahoma (even though I'm not homesick for Oklahoma haha). I love Homesick's mission, to transport people back to a happy time through sensory memories and nostalgia. They even have candles for countries, cities, holidays and specific memories like American Summer or Friday Night Football. How fun would it be to have one from all of your favorite travels!

6. Dyptique
I saved the most expensive candle for last - and for a good reason. It's AMAZING. I am a fan of Baies scent - it is fresh and fruity but not too sweet. I'm sure all of the other scents are great, as well. I honestly rarely burn mine because I want to savor it and make it last as long as possible. I save it for special occasions or when we have special guests coming over - it makes the whole house smell good!

What is your favorite candle? Like I said before, I have a bit of an addiction....I legit have a candle in almost every room of the house. I'd love suggestions on new ones to try! Drop them in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful rest of your week and a great weekend ahead!

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