An Honest T3 Micro Review

Blogger Amanda's OK shares her experience with T3 Micro products
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Hi friends! I got a T3 Micro curling iron and hairdryer for Christmas - both had been on my wishlist for yeeeears. I always wondered if they were worth the cost / really as good as bloggers said they were. I received SO MANY questions on some recent Instagram stories about how I curl my hair, so I thought I would dive in and talk about my experience with T3! There will be a curl tutorial coming to my Instagram stories soon....stay tuned!

This is 100% NOT-sponsored, by the way. It's a completely honest review! I received the products as Christmas gifts and T3 has no idea I exist or am writing this.

An Honest T3 Micro Whirl Trio Review by OKC blogger Amanda's OK
Curled with the 1" barrel. Shop this outfit here, top is from Zara.

First off, let's talk about my hair type for reference. It's long and thick and naturally kinda wavy. I get butter blonde balayage highlights 2-3 times a year. It is cut in layers to help give me volume - since it is so thick it gets heavy and the weight pulls down on my roots... the layers really help! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and typically blow dry it with a flat brush. I've been using a curling wand since college (soooo like 8 or 9 years now)....I don't even know if I could use a regular curler with a clamp anymore haha. T3 does offer a clamp version, though, if that's your preference!

The Curler
I received the T3 Whirl Trio for Christmas and LOOOOVE it. It comes with a base and three barrels that you can switch out. If you don't want to splurge for the bundle package with all three barrels, you can buy each piece individually. It has five heat settings - I usually use number 4 because that's what it goes to automatically when you turn it on. The barrels are made of tourmaline and ceramic so they seal the cuticle for a smooth, shiny finish. T3 has a "single pass" technology that means you only have to curl each piece once! 

YES, it really is as good as they say! YES it is worth the money! YES the curls last for days! NO it doesn't make your hair smell burnt (unless you have a lot of product in it, like days worth of dry shampoo and hairspray, then the product might create a weird smell....this happened to me right after a spray tan lol). YES you only have to curl each piece once. YES it does get super hot, BUT, since the curls last so long you don't have to use heat everyday (that saves you time and hair health in the long run). YES I think a wand is super easy to master (and it comes with a glove for any newbies so you don't burn yourself).

I'll talk a little bit about each of the barrels I have and show examples for reference, just incase you want to just buy one to start with. All of these photos are first day curls (the photo at the top and bottom are second day curls).

T3 1" Curling Wand Review by Amanda Martin of Amanda's OK
1" Barrel Curls | Mock Neck Sweater, on sale for $10 | Similar Here 

An honest review of the T3 1" curling wand
1" Barrel Curls

1" Barrel - for undone waves

This is my go-to and the barrel I use most often. It curls quite a bit tighter than my old wand did....I don't like it immediately following getting ready because it makes my hair looks short (since it is kinked up so tight) but because of that the curls last waaaay longer. The second day curls are PERFECT and I can basically wake up and go - I only ever have to touch up a few pieces! The photo at the top is second day waves that I just ran a brush through.

T3 Tapered Wand Review
Tapered Barrel Curls | Outfit is from Vici

T3 Review by Amanda's OK
Tapered Barrel Curls

Tapered Barrel - for tousled waves

This barrel creates a textured look with the option of straight ends. The curls are tight but can be messy due to the different widths in the wand. I have a little trouble with this barrel being "slippery" for lack of a better word....since the end is so thin, my hair slides off of it. Also, since my hair is so long, I can't curl an entire piece at one time (it doesn't all fit on the the barrel). This one would work better for people with thin / short hair that want a piecey, touseled-look to their curls.

It does have some variety, though, you could curl with the wand facing up or down to create dimension and you could curl the entire strand of hair or leave the end straight. Since the barrel is so small, you have to curl each piece in very, very small sections and sometimes the top half and bottom half have to be curled separately if your hair is long. However, if you had shorter hair, it would be easy to curl more of it at once, if that makes sense.

T3 1.5" Barrel Curling Iron Review
1.5" Barrel Curls | Chenille Sweater, on sale for $15!

T3 Review by Oklahoma City Blogger Amanda's OK
1.5" Barrel Curls

1.5" Barrel - for loose waves

This is the barrel I would have purchased if I was only getting one. I'm sooo glad I got the trio because I would have been disappointed with this one by itself. It creates reeeeeally big/loose curls or more of a perfected beachy wave look. Since the curls are so big, they don't last as long as the 1" barrel....once they start to loosen, they are basically straight. Part of the problem for me is that my top layers are too short to go around the entire barrel several times. I think this would work better for girls with extra long hair without layers or someone with extensions.

Note: T3 does make several other shapes of wand barrels and barrels with a clip, as well as straighteners and tons of other accessories and styling tools!

The Hairdryer
I have the Cura Dryer! 1) it is REALLY pretty and 2) it works great and the air feels very soft and "high quality" if that makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't feel harsh or damaging. It takes the same amount of time to dry my hair as it did with my old dryer, but my hair feels so much softer and silkier afterwards. It doesn't get tangled while drying (even when I'm not using a brush) because the air comes out gently.

It has three heat settings plus a cold button. The cold button can stay on long-term, you don't have to hold it down in order to use it. The dryer also has two speed settings. The fast speed is still pretty slow and gentle, but as I said above, it still dries my hair in the same amount of time as my old dryer did.

I don't think this dryer is worth the cost if you have a decent dryer already. However, if your hair dryer is dying or if you catch the T3 on sale, it's worth it! I believe their travel-sized dryer works across the pond......I need to get that!

T3 Blow Dryer Review
This is second day waves from the 1" barrel! 

If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below! I'm happy to share more about my T3 experience. I'm a happy customer, for sure!  If you're interested in what hair products I use, I've done several posts on them under the categories -> beauty tab. Stay tuned to my Instagram stories for that curl tutorial :) in the mean time, my biggest tips are the use the wand pointing downwards, curl small sections at a time (make sure each piece is all the same length), and always curl away from the face. is currently having a BIG SALE on their website! These products are also sold at major stores like Nordstrom, Ulta, and Sephora but you can buy straight from T3 and save with code SAVE25, SAVE50 or SAVE125 depending on how much you spend through TODAY, January 21. 

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Amanda
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