29 and Feeling Fine

Amanda Martin, OKC Blogger, turns 29 in style with a leopard skirt and chic sweater top.
Top c/o Chicwish | Leopard Skirt c/o Chicwish | Similar Patent Pumps 

29 and feeling fine.....that's how the saying goes, right? Ignore the fact that my knees are now all of a sudden aching after a few squats and my hip hurts when it's raining..... I also might go to bed at nine and wake up before the sun...it's fine.

I turned 29 yesterday and spent all weekend celebrating! A little too hard, actually. Hangovers hurt more than they used to. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who baked me beautiful chocolate peanut butter mousse cake, two gorgeous best friends who treated me to brunch and a fantastic family who drove two hours to have lunch with me! So yeah, I am 29 and doing just fine. I have quite a few more things to check off my 30 before 30 list in the next 365 days........I'm not overly confident that I will succeed!

Oklahoma City blogger Amanda's OK sports a work week chic look with a little sass!

Here's are a few of the fun 30 before 30 items that I want to be sure and accomplish:

  1. Ride a horse on the beach
  2. Go on a Mother/Daughter trip - we're going to Paris in April!
  3. Host a dinner party
  4. Start a garden 
  5. Beat one of my old video games again
  6. Start riding horses again - I don't know if this will happen because #life, but I'd love for it to
  7. Pay off my student loans - I'm soooooo close
  8. Go to the movies by myself
  9. Perform a random act of kindness
  10. Make a nice homemade dinner for my husband - he usually cooks soooooo and I only made Kraft Mac & Cheese or Sloppy Joes lol

OKC blogger Amanda Martin celebrates her 29th birthday with a Chicwish leopard outfit

I've been thinking and overthinking this birthday post for weeks now - I wanted to come up with some great post that everyone would enjoy reading but I just couldn't think of anything exciting. You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything since New Years and well......I've just been feeling uninspired and unmotivated and I needed a mental break to recharge. I still don't feel recharged to be honest, but I thought I should at least document my birthday and explain why I've been MIA!

Moving forward, I want to focus more on posting quality content rather than forcing myself to spend hours and hours writing three blog posts a week that aren't really worth clicking on or reading. So, bare with me as I make this transition - I hope you'll stick around for future posts. I want them to be full of good information and about worthwhile topics....more than just outfits, ya know?! I'd like to try to post once a week (sometimes twice if I have things to share). That being said, if there are things you've enjoyed that I've posted about before (OKC/local reviews, monthly favorites, travel, health, etc) or if you have ideas, requests or suggestions for future posts, please let me know! I LOVE your feedback and ultimately you're the whole reason I'm here.

Thank you so much for reading and here's to my last trip around the sun as a twenty-something!

xoxo, Amanda signature

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