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Can we all just agree that 2018 is the fastest year to date?! It is FLYING by, I can't believe we are a quarter of the way through the year already. March was a super busy month for me; between visiting New Orleans, celebrating my friend's bachelorette party, going on a girl's weekend trip to Texas wine country, working multiple big events for my day job, starting to teach at Beyond Studios and of course Easter coming up this weekend..... I barely had time to breath! Because of that, this month's Favorites round up is a little short, my apologies! But know these couple of items are real winners in my book.

As I mentioned in my 10 Holy Grail Hair Products post, this is a new product for me but I was sold the second I sampled it! It gives your hair just the right amount of texture without making it dirty/crunchy. Plus it smells AMAZING! My hair stylist used it on me and I immediately started searching for it to buy a bottle for myself. I finally found it in Muenster, Texas of all places and bought it without hesitation. I'm hooked! It gives you the perfect messy hair look....hint the name, bedroom hair ;) 

I've tried a LOT of setting powders and I've never bought the same one twice.....until now! This one really smooths out my pores and imperfections and keeps my skin from getting oily throughout the day. It is semi-pricey (when compared to drug store products) but it lasts foreeeeever! 

This is my current snack of choice! I'm all about getting protein in any way I can, but snacking on crunchy things (crackers, chips) is a MUST for me. These are the best of both worlds! Plus, one serving is HUGE and the nutrition facts/macros are great. They aren't the absolute best chips in the world, but they definitely aren't the worst, either. I get them at Sam's!

I mentioned this in my hair post, too. I carry this in my travel bag because it's basically an all-in-one hair product so you only need to bring one bottle with you. It protects against heat, smooths and softens, detangles, de-frizzes and heals split ends all without weighing your hair down. 

My best friend Jessica introduced me to this and I fell in love! It is the perfect subtle red color and it is packed with hydration. After using her's, I immediately went to buy my own! 

I've been using this for a few weeks and am really impressed! A tough battle with cystic acne a few years back left me with some discoloration, scaring and dark spots. This serum is packed with Vitamin-C and has really helped smooth and brighten my complexion. My face is so happy - my mom even commented on how good my skin has been looking! 

I've been waiting for ages for the Warby Parker store to open in OKC so I could try on a couple different frames that I've had my eyes on for a while now. I think I've decided on the Louise in Rose Water....what do you think? It feels kind of Bob's Burgers to me haha but I love the color and the librarian style! Plus, it is different than my other, oversized frames. If you're in OKC, be sure to check out their new store in Classen Curve soon; it's so cute and they have an amazing piece of art on display! 

I love all things marble!! CaseApp lets you use their stickers, templates and backgrounds to personalize cases and skins. It's so fun to play around with and really make your case unique to you. Use code AMANDASOK20 for 20% off an order from!

I just snagged a pair of these bad boys and I can't wait to wear them all summer long with cut offs and a good tee - I absolutely adore the rose gold! First I have to paint my toe nails, though, ha! 

I mean.....have you ever seen a tee that is more ME?!! I have a mug obsession. C made fun of me for buying this but whatever. It's on sale right now! 

I'm aaaaalllll about the headband trend right now! I've bought three in the last month and I have no shame in it. This one is on sale for $2 and it also comes in a light pink/white for the same price! It's really similar to the Nordstrom version that is nearly $30.....WIN. I love pairing it with a plain tee to dress it up a smidge and it is AMAZING for covering up dirty hair! Just add a little dry shampoo and the Kevin Murphy texturizer I mentioned above (#1) and you're set! 

Have you tried any of these items? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I hope your March was every bit as good as mine and that April brings lots of sunshine your way. We are attending a baby shower for my brother-and-sister-in-law and then celebrating Easter with C's family on Sunday - church and brunch at the club! And carrot cake, DUH. 

Thank you so much for reading. Happy weekend and Happy Easter!

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