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rainy day outfit
Embroidered Tank, c/o Romwe | Similar Army Jacket | Skinnies | Steve Madden Sneaks, $20 Dupe Here | Gucci Purse | Kendra Scott Cuff BraceletLips, Color is Patina
Hi, friends! And Happy Friday! Today's post is a little more personal/from the heart. I've been struggling with feeling discouraged lately, especially when it comes to blogging and Instagram. All bloggers do a good job of making their online life look pretty....but in reality, it can be messy, frustrating, disorganized and very, very discouraging. Blogging in general is a very over saturated market, so no matter how good you're doing, there are always girls out there doing better (and worse). Sometimes, the best ones get over looked while others, who may or may not deserve it, escalade to the top.

There are a lot of "cheaters" out there who buy their likes or followers. Better numbers makes those blogs and Instagram accounts look more appealing to brands and in turn, helps them become more popular as influencers. Others get lucky and go viral overnight. Then, there are those of us who work to improve our accounts, grow our following, and try to have faith that one day it'll happen. It can be really discouraging when people pass you by, but I try to tell myself that slow and steady wins the race.

utility jacket outfit

encouragement for bloggers

army jacket and floral tank

Then, of course, there is the Instagram algorithm. Oh, Instagram, I love and hate you so. Instagram used to show all posts chronologically - I think I can speak for the vast majority of humans when I say it was better that way. However, chronological Insta feeds are no more and there is nothing we can do about it.

Instagram's new algorithm chooses who it show your photos to, meaning you could be following me and never see anything I post. It is extremely frustrating for social media marketers and influencers like me (both for my blog and for my day job). People try to "break the code" by posting at a certain time, using certain hashtags (but not using others or repeating the same ones too often because you can get "shadow banned"), or participating in like/comment groups.....sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. I have posted super great photos that I've been really excited about and gotten the bare minimum of likes because no one sees it - and Instagram analytics proves that. Typically, the more likes and comments your photo gets immediately after posting, the more people will see it long term. At least I think....no one really knows!

If you notice you aren't seeing pictures from someone you follow, try liking a bunch of photos on their page. That notifies Instagram that you like their content and want to see it more often. You can also unfollow and re-follow them. I basically only see things from people I recently followed, which sucks. I miss out on so much from people I genuinely enjoy following!

Speaking of following/unfollowing, though, WHY are there so many people who use that tactic to grow their following? It is so frustrating and honestly, downright rude. If you don't like my page, don't follow me. Simple as that!

utility jacket look

floral tank from romwe

Sometimes I feel like 80% of the people that follow me are other bloggers. Are we just a bunch of friendly (or not so friendly) competitors keeping each other going when the rest of the world isn't interested in our lifestyle? Does anyone actually like bloggers besides other bloggers? Maybe. Maybe not. I constantly find myself wondering if anyone out there cares or if anyone is reading these posts I spend so much time on.

Needless to say, I write this post to my fellow bloggers and influencers. Through all the frustrations behind the scenes, we do what we do because we love what we're blogging about, whether that be fashion, fitness, travel, etc., and we love sharing our passions with others. Remember why you started!

For me, I started blogging as a fun creative outlet and I keep blogging and keep trying because I've gained SO MUCH from it. I've met so many amazing girls that I now consider real life friends, both in Oklahoma City (shoutout to Courtney from A Byer's Guide, Courtney from The Finishing Touch, Margaret from Red Dirt & Glitter and Candace from Casual With Candace) and across the country (Hi, Claire!). There are so many other bloggers I follow and look up to (Bess Harrington CarterPaleOMG and Kathleen Barnes to name a few) and consider my "internet friends," even though they probably have no clue who I am. I hope any readers out there can consider me a friend!

rainy day style

stylish rainy day look

floral embroidered tank

In addition to making friends, I will never complain about the opportunity to work with brands I love, the chance to sample free products and clothing items and the benefit of sometimes getting paid for it. It makes all the work 100% worth it. And maybe, if I'm lucky, one of these days I'll go viral and turn this fun, creative side gig into something more. Until then, I'll just keep giving it my all, keeping it fun and enjoying the opportunities it brings my way.

Thank you for sticking with me and following along! It really means so much and I appreciate each and every one of you. If you struggle with feeling discouraged about blogging (or anything in life) keep that chin up and know you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

P.S. How cute is my rainy day outfit?! I originally planned to wear this tank with white skinnies and espadrille wedges but the Oklahoma weather had other plans. I threw this outfit together at the last minute with an oldie but goodie utility jacket and LOVE how it turned out.  

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