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Hi, friends! Happy Monday to you! I've had several people reach out recently asking how I edit my blog and Instagram photos so I thought I'd do a quick post on it. I've always been a fan of good photography - my dad is a professional photographer and I had a Fischer Price film camera in my hands by the time I was five. I remember getting my first digital camera in middle school (I chose Nikon because of Ashton Kutcher, ha) and my first DSLR camera for my photography classes in college. I'm still a Nikon girl to this day!

Of course I have and use Photoshop on my computer, but a lot of the time I'm snapping photos on the go (especially when traveling) and need to edit and post them ASAP. Scroll on down to see my go-to photo editing apps for Instagram!

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1. Apple Photos 
Believe it or not, the original "Photos" app on Mac/iPhone is my most used editing platform. 95% of my pictures are edited in this app. I've been using it for, since high school. It offers a few filters as well as an "enhance" option, color options and lighting options that allow you to manipulate the image exactly the way you want it. I like it because I can edit my camera/blog images on my computer and edit my iPhone pictures on my phone with the exact same settings so they all look cohesive. The "enhance" button automatically adjusts the lighting and coloring to what the app thinks is best, but I have my own adjustments I prefer to make. I always play with the brilliance, highlights, brightness, saturation and hue. Depending on the photo/lighting, I will adjust the exposure, shadows and contrast to get it right where I want it.

This iPhone app has some really great features, however, it isn't the most user friendly and a lot of the good filters must be paid for. That being said, it offers a few features I find handy on occasion like x- and y-scew (where you can tilt the image if it isn't quite straight on), the sharpening tool and the skin tone tool. I was a fan of the "HB1" filter for quite a while but I've moved away from it in the last few months. However, for people who don't want to spend a lot of time on individual lighting and color adjustments, the VSCO filters are a good option!  They give photos a cohesive, edited look without all the effort.

3. Facetune
OK, hear me out. This app can be used to ridiculous proportions to perfect people - smoothing skin, getting rid of wrinkles, "skinny-ing," removing zits, whitening teeth, volumizing hair, etc. Essentially it airbrushes you. I only use it on occasion (like, maybe 5% of my photos) and try REAL hard not to overdue it, but sometimes it does come in handy! It is basically like a phone-friendly Photoshop. I use it to clean up trash off the ground (think: cigarette butts or bird poop), remove a mascara smudge or to whiten my husband's fake tooth when it looks too discolored (lol). I also use it to whiten my dog's chest hair because he gets SO DIRTY and gross, ha!  I did not use Facetune on any of the above pictures as I'm sure you can tell from my eye wrinkles, my food baby and the bad self-tanner job around my hands and wrists! But had I wanted to fix those things, Facetune would have been able to do it.

There ya have it! I will say, I really utilize the original Photos app and regular old Instagram's editing tools more than anything else. I like my images to look natural, but still "touched up" if that makes sense. I'm not a huge fan of the overly dark, muted or filtered images. I like mine to be bright, soft and natural yet still vivid and sharp. I have my own unique filter/color/lighting adjustments down to a science and it makes editing as easy as 1...2...3. I'd suggest playing around with the lighting and coloring features as well as a few filters to really find what look works for you. What works for one picture and one person won't necessarily work for another. Be true to you and your photography.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I hope you have a wonderful week.

P.S. How cute is this floral maxi? It is under $25 and I think it would be perfect for Easter! 

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