The Paramount OKC: a movie lover's paradise

Whew, it's Friday. We made it, friends! Another week bites the dust. Can I get a hoo-rah?! 

I've discovered my new favorite place in all of Oklahoma City: The Paramount. It is a splendid little hangout spot for us laid back and creative urbanites. Do you like movies? What about the kind of food you'd find in your mama's kitchen? Homemade cookies and pie? Cheap prices? Cafe music? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, The Paramount is the place for you.

The cafe is open all day, serving breakfast casseroles, PB&Js, loaded grilled cheese, deserts and drinks of all varieties, plus $1 movie snacks. Popcorn, giant pickles and candy for a dollar?! Thats' right, kids. You betcha my Tall Drink of Water and I are all about making this our regular date night location. 

In a screening room filled with couches, overstuffed chairs and old school theatre seats, movies of all genres, old and new alike, are shown on the big (ok, maybe medium) screen. Its kind of like being in your friend's basement movie room - can't beat that. Every month has a theme. April is National Comedy Month, so naturally they are showing classics like The Princess Bride. Folks, I twuwy wuv vis pwace.

The best part? The Paramount offers a "Name your own price" membership. Yup. You read that right. One yearly fee of your choosing gets you a year's worth of movies at your fingertips. Don't be stingy, though, I really want this place to stick around! My one and only complaint thus far is Mr. Sniff-a-lot in the back row. I'm sorry you have a cold, sir, but silence is golden. Gethca some Kleenex, ok?

I'm crossing my fingers that a musical month is coming up soon - Seven Brides for Seven Brother's is the apple to my pie and the straw to my berry.... I may or may not have had a Barbie doll named after Dorcas and know the words to every single one of the songs. Speaking of songs, "Spring, spring, spring" has been on my lips all morning.

"Oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy, And the obvious reason is because of the season. Ma Nature's lyrical, with her yearly miracle, Spring, Spring, Spring."

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Cindy Sharp said...

Sounds pretty close to heaven!

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