never say never

What do you want to be when you grow up? The age old question... As a twenty-something girl with a college degree, I still don't know. Am I even a real grown up yet? Maybe not. I'd still like to think I could go to Neverland.... I mean, I didn't mature past the age of seven when it comes to cupcakes, puppies, Backstreet Boys, holidays or birthdays. And yes, I do believe all of those things should go together!

When I think about what I want to be when I grow up, its some kind of mix between a photographer, traveler, blog writer, magazine designer, decorator, personal shopper, cupcake & cookie maker, horse back rider, cooker, dog rescuer, puppy cuddler, taste tester, yoga-doer...... can that be a job? They say whatever you do when you procrastinate, that is the work you should be doing the rest of your life. If that's the case, I'm not entirely sure what my title would be......

Needless to say, I never in my life thought my job title would include the words "web designer." I guess I should have realized all those days I spent designing Xanga layouts in 2003 would eventually come in handy.... Country Cutie Layouts was a big hit, ya'll. I had mad skillz!

Come college web design class, I do believe the words, "I will never, EVER make another website in my entire life!" came out of my mouth a good 73 times. Well, in the words of Miss Frizzle, "Never say never."
Yeah, all you teeny-boppers, the Biebs did not coin that phrase.

After a good ten months of HTML-headaches (its a real thing), the biggest project of my life is finally complete: has been re-designed for the good of mankind. Go on, check it out! Tell me how impressed you are! Juuust kidding.... wait, no I'm not, isn't it fabulous?! I'm pretty proud of myself, and incredibly relieved to say the least. Now I think its time to celebrate - where's the champagne?!

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