Snail Mail, FTW.

I love getting mail, don't you? Normally my mailbox only sees bills. Bills, bills, bills. And a lot of way too tempting credit card offers and junk. To make up for this tragedy, I like to send myself goodies.  I could probably be featured on MTV True Life: I'm addicted to online shopping. It doesn't help that my Dad is now working for Amazon and gets a discount......

A while back, while reading my friend Danielle's blog High Heels & Shotgun Shells, I discovered the wonderful world of Birchbox. It is this snazzy little company that sends you a box of girly goodness for $10 every month. High end samples? Beauty products, hair and nail stuff, makeup? All tailored to my preferences? It just makes my heart happy.

After a particularly long week of work, I came home to a pink box on my doorstep. I saw it as I pulled in the driveway (I had been waiting patiently for its arrival). I felt like a kid on Christmas morning as I opened it.

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health for spring (each month has it's own theme!).

Considering I have been on a "health kick" lately (with the exception of the occasional juicy Big Mac and bag of Sour Patch Kids), I was pretty pumped. With my first 10k coming up this weekend, I need all the help I can get.

My April box included: Caudalie Divine Oil for skin & hair, Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Spray, Supergoop Daily Correct SPF 35 Sunscreen (perfect for those long training runs!), LaFace Laboratories Beautiful Eyes Cream, and Hail Merry Macaroons - mm, mm, mmm!

My favorites were the hair protector, oil, and macaroons. I mean, who can say no to "healthy" vegan, gluten free chocolate coconut macaroons?! Not me. Also, considering I have a long, thick mane of hair, I am constantly searching for new products to treat and/or prevent split ends. This stuff is a strong competitor - it gave me soft, tangle free curls without weighing them down. Birchbox, FTW.

Now that I am superficially ready for Saturday's Remember the Ten 10k with Supergoop sunscreen, the perfect running outfit, a kickin' playlist and a cute JUNK band, its time to get down to business. My last long run is today, then its countdown to race day. Anyone want to sign up to walk the 10k to make sure I'm not the last one to cross the finish line?? I will love you forever and pay you in cookies if you do....


Anonymous said...

You and I received the same box!! I wasn't nearly as excited as you were for this month's box though. Birchbox on Instagram led me to believe there was going to be a pretty spring shade of lipstick. Major let down. BUT I LOVE the Supergoop sunscreen, it doesn't feel oily or heavy, which is awesome.
I haven't tried the hair stuff yet, but after reading your review my enthusiasm is restored!

Amanda Martin said...

Oh man, we missed out on lipstick?! What a bummer....maybe next month :)

Cindy Sharp said...

I love getting good mail too. Send me your address and maybe I can put something fun in your mail box!

Amanda Martin said...

I'm on it!

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