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Did anyone else used to spend hours upon hours listing to music and burning mix CDs back in the day? I know I certainly did. The iTunes app on my dad's old computer was fiiiiilllled with early 2000's jams and I'm pretty sure my brain is still 40% do I still know every word to every Hilary Duff song but I can't remember what day it is? That music phase lasted up through college and then all of a sudden music just became way less important to me. Maybe because school drama was over and I had found my now husband so I no longer felt a connection to T. Swift and Kelly Clarkson's heart felt breakup lyrics? I don't know! Either way, I hadn't made a playlist in ages.

When I started teaching Beyond 500, though, I all of a sudden had to get back in the saddle and start making playlists for class. It stressed me out at first, if we're being honest, but I've had so much fun with it! My taste in workout music has some throwbacks, a little rap, a lot of pop and always a good beat to keep you moving. I'm pretty picky with my workout songs in that they have to keep me slow stuff! I put together a huge playlist below with aaaaall my favorite workout songs that I like to shuffle whenever I workout on my own. 

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workout outfit

You can follow me or this playlist on Spotify, if you like! I just like to hit shuffle and hit the pavement. Take note, though, there are a lot of explicit lyrics so maybe don't listen in the car if you have kids.

By the way, how cute are these earbuds? I'm such a sucker for white and rose gold. I've been so impressed with this pair because they actually stay in my ears when I'm moving and don't echo every footstep I take. They are pretty good at cancelling out extra noise and the battery lasts forever. Plus, since they are bluetooth, they don't get tangled or caught on anything when you're working out. Highly recommend! You can get 15% off with code AMANDASOK.

What songs are on your workout playlist? My #1 favorite is probably Turn Down for What - they played it at a crossfit competition I was in a few years back and it really fired me up during my heat.....that feeling still rushes back whenever I hear it! I'm always looking for new jams for class and I'd love to have some input so drop your favs in the comments. 

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