You Can Take the Girl Out of Paris...

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Faux Fur Coat (only $34!) | Bonjour Tassel T (comes in four colors) | Skinny Jeans - my favs and currently on sale! | Gucci Booties, Similar Here and on sale | Gucci Belt, Dupe Here for $15 | Kate Spade Purse | Similar Earrings | Lips, color is "Kinda Sexy"
I mentioned on my Instagram last week that I've been going through major Paris withdrawals. It wasn't my favorite city out of those I visited in Europe but it has become the one I want to go back to most. I think my time there was too busy/rushed and it left me feeling like there was so much more to Paris that I needed to see and explore. That and I could really go for some Angelina's Hot Chocolate and a croissant right now..... You can take the girl out of Paris but you can't take Paris out of the girl.

Needless to say, the amount of "Bonjour" shirts I've collected in the past few months is getting a bit ridiculous haha. I couldn't say no to this one since it had tassels! So fun! Of course, every fashionista is sporting a faux fur jacket these days so I had to join the club. C literally rolled his eyes and said he was embarrassed to be seen in public with me but I don't care. I'm fine being a little extra from time to time! I don't know if blush pink faux fur is popular in Paris right now, but it feels like it should be, so I'm going with it. Either way, it has me feeling like a boss babe.

faux fur coat outfit

faux fur coat look

bonjour tshirt

city girl outfit

paris outfit

tassels and faux fur

parisian chic

winter in the city

faux fur outfit

faux fur and tassels

bonjour outfit

parisian look

parisian chic look

I wore this look to meet my family for a birthday brunch in Tulsa - it was the perfect birthday outfit. We went to SMOKE. on Cherry Street and it was soooooo good. If you're in Tulsa, I highly recommend it! I had the blueberry lemon french toast which was great, but C had the corned beef hash and it was to.die.for. After brunch, we stopped to snap these pictures was REALLY cold so I grabbed an almond milk latte from Topeca Coffee to help keep my fingers warm! Solid coffee shop, IMO.

I hope your week is going well! After having Monday off work I'm hoping the rest of the week goes by quickly. It's all downhill from here.

Au Revoir!
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